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April 25, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show episode 26: The Post call in for West Brom v Liverpool. Nina welcomes he panelists Gags Tandon and Kaylon Karim who answer questions on:

- How does Glen Johnson get a start for Liverpool?
- Did Brendan Rodgers show tactical nouse by switching Sterling and Ibe? 
- Were the substitutions savey by Brendan or did they display naivety? 
- Was Lovren great or did he have little to do? 
- Is Balotelli wasted up top on his own? 
- Does Rodgers get the blame for the result or the players? 
- Do the panel think Brendan’s very assured press conference was just a publicity stunt and is he a man in deep danger of losing his job? 

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!
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