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August 29, 2015  

Nina Kauser is back to take a look at the horrific performance that resulted in Liverpool suffering an embarrassing home loss against West Ham. She has Gags Tandon joining her to discuss the shambles on display at Anfield!

Nina and Gags answer caller and twitter questions such as:

- Were the substitutions correct? Did the right players make may for them? 
- Would you have taken off Lucas instead of Can? 
- Does Brendan change his tactics and formations for home games and change it up for away games where we grind out results?
- Would Lucas play for Liverpool in home games or would you swap him for Can?
- Sakho has to come back into this squad right?
- Also is it time to go with 2 strikers? Milner should start wide next week and can and Lucas in midfield: with Firmino taking Coutinho's place. What do u say?
- Why does anyone think anything will change under this manager? No evidence just wishful thinking and why aren't the journalists in Liverpool pressing Rodgers harder to play Sakho? We all saw this coming from Dejan eventually.

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show
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