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July 23, 2015  
Jagdesh hosts this Global Pod along with Kaylon, with guests Jason and Umarah in the panel. They are joined by special guest, Jateen Bhana of the LFC Academy in South Africa. 

The pod covers the roles and responsibilities of the LFC Academy and how it helps develops kids (roughly ages 5-16) all over the world, with a particular focus in South Africa. We look at how the Academy teaches the Liverpool way and looks at the football, cultural and individual development that comes with that. 

We then get to hear from Umarah, Jason and Jags as they detail their varying experiences of having children who play football. This raises various issues of football culture, including how it is manifested in different countries, how gender is approached, how cultural and ethnic background plays a role, and what happens in particular situations when the child shows real promise. The pod also covers how the coaching of children in football is perceived and accepted by parents. 
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