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July 22, 2015  
Leroy is joined by Sri as they host experts Dave Hendrick and Karl Matchett in exploring what DMs really are, where they play int he team and what they do for the team. The pods experts detail the three types of DM profiles and look at desired and ideal attributes of each, while providing some examples for demonstration. Some of the tactical possibilities offered by these DM profiles are unpacked.

The pod give attention to the DM situation at Liverpool after talking about how DMs work in partnership with a defense with a particular look at SG and LL and how this setup compares to some other notable setups around Europe. In this section, the panel discussed the options of a single or double pivot type setup. 

The pod then opens the topic of possible setups to make up for a lack of a DM this coming season, and what LFC may best compensate for this. 

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