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November 20, 2015  
Coming off the back of the (mainly) positive response to the Bundesliga Special, the AI Committe discuss more players currently plying their trade in Germany who they feel would make ideal transfer targets for Liverpool FC.
Hosted as always by Jason Roberts, Episode 6 forms part two (teil zwei) of the Bundesliga Specials as Jason is joined once again by Reds Review host Andy Wales, in addition to Phil Casey from the LFC Daytrippers podcasts. 
As passionate and knowledgeable Bundesliga fans, Andy and Phil are tasked with identifying players who they feel the club should and could realistically target, before discussing in detail the impact that these players could have on the team if we signed them.
Strengths, weaknesses and hypothetical fees are all covered, making for an enjoyable conversation between these Bundesliga experts (and Jason!) that will hopefully entertain, educate and excite Liverpool fans who are eagerly anticipating the clubs forays into the transfer market with Klopp at the helm.
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