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October 31, 2015  

Dylan Baker is back with the American AI Podcast along with Mexican friends! Jason Belk, Aly Cardoza, Andres Palafox and Samuel Chuicha join Dylan in this Tex-Mex Special!

They discuss Klopp, tactics and cover the Bournemouth game in the Capital One Cup!
August 28, 2015  
A mixed crew with brilliant debuts.  Host Dylan Baker is joined by regular Nile Smith, debutante Kev Hegarty, and MexiMaster Armando Angulo to discuss the current state of the Liverpool squad. 

By position, this rag-tag crew of Americans run through the performances of the team so far and how well Brendan Rodgers has faired in the hot seat.  Of course, banter and giggles ensue.  All this and more, it's the AI USA Podcast!
May 28, 2015  
What is a football system?  The Americans across the pond take a look at what a system is/can be defined as and who is responsible for creating one.  Host Jon Moore is joined by Dylan Baker, Justin Wells, Nile Smith, and pre-reboot regular Jason Belk to discuss Liverpool systems (or lack thereof).

Also included:

Brief review of the Stoke match

The Steven Gerrard departure and the effects of the long-time captain on Brendan Rodgers

Rodgers: stay or go?  Plus, the implications of each option

What are FSG's ambitions?  Are they concerned with the lack of trophies now, or are they aiming for more later?

John Henry in America's Game: How FSG have transformed the Red Sox

All this and more, it's the USA edition of the Anfield Index Podcast!
April 22, 2015  
We made it to 2!  The American AI Podcast comes back on with Jonny Moore hosting the show with guests Dylan Baker, Justin Wells, and Nile Smith.

We cover a variety of topics, including:

- The American football-viewing experience
- FA Cup semi-final review vs. Aston Villa
- Is Brendan Rodgers right for us?  What about the Klopp news that's broken last week?
- The International vs. Local Fan debate

All this and more: it's the Anfield Index American Podcast!

March 25, 2015  
The American AI Podcast is back and this time it's rebooted! Dylan Baker hosts the show with Justin Wells and Nile Smith as guests!

The guys spend some time introducing themselves and talk about how they became a Liverpool fan and how it affects their life over on the other side of the Pond.

They also discuss:
- Skrtel's ban
- How do Sakho and Can cope?
- Does Lovren come back in?
- Do you trust Kolo?
- Would you change to a back 4?
- How does losing Skrtel affect Mignolet?
- Current Injury crisis
- How should LFC line up vs Arsenal with the current injury list

All this and more it's the American Anfield Index Podcast!

October 8, 2014  
Neil Tolley and the USA AI Podcast boys are back with another International Edition but this time they have Gags Tandon guesting on the show with them! That means lots of pressing stats analysis! Neil is joined by Anfield Index Podcast Editor Jon Moore and Alex Perrin.

They review the West Brom game first but then go through each and every Premier League game this season including a brief summary of pressing stats on each one!

All this and more it's the American Anfield Index Podcast!
August 15, 2014  

Our 9th International Podcast is from the United States of America!

Neil Tolley hosts with Ryan Zimbleman, Jon Moore and Jason Belk as guests!
They talk about the origin of their support, the recent American Tour (and players that stood out), how they watch the games, NBC's unbelievable coverage in the USA and their expectations of the coming season!
All this and more... it's the American Anfield Index Podcast!


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