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November 17, 2015  
Daniel Rhodes is joined once again by Mihail Vladimirov and Rene Maric as they discuss Jurgen Klopp's first seven games in charge!
The Good
- players used in suitable roles - i.e. no more duplication of roles (AL + PC issue), no more square pegs in rounds holes and more clarity in tactical instructions.
- clear game plan and overall tactical framework - as a result of the above - meaning everything is geared towards making the team more than the sum of its parts
- increasingly efficient attacking patterns of play - based on overloads, but without being one-dimensional in possession and positional play thanks to mixing up the passing and using all channels when attacking (see SFC, Rubin A and Palace games)
- greater defensive organisation - mainly due implementing clarity when out of possession (i.e. high D-line, smart counter-pressing) and playing a holding midfielder to offer greater protection to CBs
- using common sense - rotation, toning down pressing when necessary (after EL games)
The Bad
- still lack of decisive in-game changes made to alter the course of the game tactically (bar the CFC game regarding Benteke) - all 3 games where LFC needed to win but couldn't saw Klopp's changes found lacing (Rubin H, So'ton, Palace). Could've been braver and more creative in using the available resources to increase the team's attacking capability
- inability to deal when being pressed - Spurs and Palace showed that (So'ton tried but LFC's shape deal with it due to mismatch in numbers). This an issue who over time should be resolved with Klopp utilising all tricks available to him (lopsided shapes, congested ball-playing zones, creating mismatch of numbers in pressing areas etc) but is a problem in the moment.
The Rafa
Short chat looking at Rafa Benitez's initial period at Real Madrid.
October 30, 2015  
Seb's analysis of Chelsea this season: how the Blues' pre-season backfired; the lack of rotation; no new, effective, transfers brought in during the summer, especially in defence; the terrible underlying stats this season and the lethargy the team have shown so far this season. The tactical preview: how will Chelsea set up? Who will play? Will there be any rotation? And then Mihail discusses the options and likely approaches for Liverpool. 
October 11, 2015  
Host: Daniel Rhodes
Guests: Mihail Vladimirov and Rene Maric


- Formations; preferred defensive and offensive shapes in terms of players positioning/placement on the pitch; notable preferences for positional overloads?
- Backline arrangement - split CBs in terms of stopper/sweeper; insistence for one ball-playing CB? 
- Defensive and pressing organisation - 5-6 secs rule of counter-pressing then fall back into a rigid defensive shape? Triggers for next pressing waves? Role of the front six players in the pressing and overall defensive shape? Zonal marking or man-oriented zonal coverage? When is proper man-marking used (if ever)? 
- Method of build-up play - roles of Hummels, Sahin and/or Gundogan? Congestion/overload of ball-players into one area (left/right/central) or distributing them in separate zones? Type of midfield fluidity and roles of midfielders and wide men in it?
- Attacking mechanism - certain preferred patterns of play; positional overloads? Roles of each of the front 8 players in it? Width? Consumers?
- Preferred type of players by zone/position?


- more games and no winter break in PL - how it's going to impact on clear preferences to press in each game? Possible tweaks? Possible downfall? 
- ability to deal with parked buses - is usual tactical approach enough for this? Are there enough attacking diversity to pull apart defensive teams in terms of midfield runners, enough width and extra off ball players? Is the answer an overload in one area or a Pellegrini-like balanced distribution of players in final 3rd?
- Impose tactics on players or tweak tactics depending on available type of players?
- Overall tactical flexibility - capacity to proactively deal with the tactical challenges a PL season is going to offer? 
September 25, 2015  
Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov are back with another Tactics podcast brought to you by the Tomkins Times!

How much tactical potential does the current squad have? Including: what's lacking, what will work and the most suitable formations against specific opponents. Analysing 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-3 and 4-2-2-2, and picking the players who suit it the most. Bingo. Assuming the 4-2-2-2 formation, having to breakdown a deep defence, who plays: Mignolet, Clyne, Can, Sakho, Moreno; Allen, Henderson; Coutinho, Firmino; Sturridge, Ings. Do you agree?
September 3, 2015  
Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov are back this season with their first Tactics pod courtesy of the Tomkins Times!
Coutinho as the creator, but unable to be the playmaker: discussing the different skills required, and the impact not having a recognised playmaker causes the attacking creativity. 
Analysing the players now available in the squad to play that role, and coming up with only one: Joe Allen, honestly. 
Why is the squad lacking this type of player? 
Getting the best out of Lallana, as well as the restrictions Rodgers places on him. Will we ever see the Southampton Lallana? 
Finishing with Firmino, and the concerns about also restricting his potential by asking him to execute one dimensional, specific roles within the team, rather than using him in a free role to achieve his full potential. 
July 17, 2015  
Host: Daniel Rhodes
Guests: Damian Parsonage, Andrew Beasley, Mark Cohen, Krishen Bhautoo, Anthony Stanley, Dan Kennett. 
Agenda: last season, this summer and the future.
June 4, 2015  
It's the 15th episode of the Tomkins Times Tactics Podcast! This week they're looking at Tactical Analysis in the mainstream media!

Host: Daniel Rhodes
Guests: Mihail Vladimirov and Richard Jolly (@RichJolly)


Is Rodgers tactically flexible? 
How do we measure tactical flexibility?
No need for stupidity Jamie Redknapp. 
The logistics behind the post match press conferences. 
How do other countries analyse the tactical side of the game? 
Should managers discuss tactics in greater detail? 
Where to find the best analysis away from the mainstream?  
May 24, 2015  
The TTT Tactics podcast is back with Daniel Rhodes as the host. Guests were: Mihail Vladimirov and Stevie Grieve (@StevieGrieve)


- The evolution of Stevie's coaching career, all over the world. 
- Youth development in India, and how the current youngsters compare to Europe's elite. 
- What will the standout skill be in future Indian players? Can a manager, in a top European club, combine the role of head coach with the required level of in-depth dedication to tactical analysis and strategies? 
- Liverpool's failure this season: is it the standard of the players purchased or the tactical integration of them within the preferred system? 
- Using the correct players to suit their strengths and the team's requirements. 
- Getting the best out of Lambert, Lallana and Lovren. 
- The importance of a mobile/quick holding midfielder. Liverpool too open in possession, and then left exposed in transition if they lose the ball. 

All this and more on the TTT Tactics Podcast!

May 14, 2015  
The Main Tomkins Times Podcast is back with Daniel Rhodes as host. He is joined by the man himself, Paul Tomkins, Chris Rowland and Dave Cronin.
They discuss the following: 

- Who are the fuckwits?
- Am I a fuckwit?
- Does agreeing/accepting the Transfer Price Index, and the context that Liverpool find themselves, mean we are all happy with fifth? 
- Why this season has been such a disappointment: the performances, the use of resources and the sheer lack of enjoyment. 
- Apportioning blame, and using Mignolet as the example. The under-achievement of Manchester United, and the reasons why.
- Why do players lose form? Is it always the manager's fault? Debating the dirty word: par. What if everyone achieves their own par? 
- Is there always a chance to make the top four?
- The thirty most expensive transfers in Premier League history, and how many succeeded?
- Improve the squad or focus on one big money signing?
- How will we remember Steven Gerrard? A tribute.

All this and more it's The Tomkins Times Podcast!

May 9, 2015  
The TTT Guys are back with a Tactics podcast and this time its a two man show with Daniel Rhodes and Mihail Vladimirov!

The following topics are discussed: 

Initial brief discussion about Bayern's back three; 1) Chelsea: Mourinho's approach for the game; not tactical but more about strategy - will he be content with a draw, will he care if they lose, will he demand a win at all costs; with Oscar out, Ramires likely to be missing, what are the likeliest permutations formation and personnel-wise? The Fabregas positioning - where he plays is the key to determine Mourinho's level of ambition? 2) Liverpool: the Gerrard conundrum - where will he play exactly, assuming he is certain to start, and what this will mean for the rest of the side tactically (formation and overall balance wise)? Possible permutations (shape, players' roles and overall balance) and how it might be best to tactically and strategically approach this game.

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