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November 3, 2015  
The Anfield Index South Africa pod find Kaylon hosting Lloyd, Brent and Dave as they discuss what new manager Klopp has to fix in this Liverpool team to get it working the way he wants it to.
First up, we get some reaction to the recent games, particularly the wins at Bournemouth in the Capital One Cup, and Chelsea in the league. The pod then moves straight into out main topic as we look at each of goalkeepers, defense, midfield and attack to see what Klopp has to work with, if it's going to work for him, and if not, what must be done to correct that.The pod ends with a discussion about how we view the upcoming LFC games in light of recent performances
August 21, 2015  
Anfield Index SA was joined by SA radio celebrity Rob Forbes (of 5fm fame) before the Arsenal game to have chat to us about both clubs. Kaylon hosted a panel of Brent, Lloyd and Mike in welcoming Rob for his first AI pod.

The pod begins by introducing Rob and how he got involved in supporting Arsenal football, and how the fan base of Arsenal may be shaping up in South Africa relative to the to big groups of Liverpool FC and Man Utd. We then moved on to looking over the opening sequence of games for both LFC and Arsenal and discussing the implications of the start of each teams respective season. Specifically, the signings of each team was reviewed in terms of the resultant perspective of each teams squad heading into the season.

Talk then moved onto the game between the two, and how each side would set up for the game. We discuss possible lineups, approaches and score prediction.
July 19, 2015  
The AI South Africa pod is graced by former LFC RSA Supporters Club executive, Chris Midgley. The pod is hosted by Kaylon who is joined by regulars Mike and Brent. 
Chris shares his insight on the club itself, how it operates and what it offers, as well as the support base for LFC within South Africa. He also shares his thoughts on his experience of the response of SA Reds fans across our quite underwhelming season just past. 
The pod then moves on to discuss thoughts on our new signings, and how Liverpool have conducted business already within the current transfer window. The panel then moves onto the recent coaching appointments and what this could mean for our season ahead. Finally, we give our thoughts on the what pre-season means this time around, and our building enthusiasm for the new season.
May 11, 2015  
The AI South Africa crew discuss the reasons for the poor showing from the Reds in 2014/15. Kaylon is joined by Mike and Lloyd, while special guest Leroy is flown in from AI Malaysia. The panel looks back to the start of the season and how the scene was set for Rodgers and they boys, and how the team reacted to the expectations around a  new season and venturing into Europe. Next we move onto the formations and approach of this season dissecting what was going on in theory versus what happened on the field. The panel then rolls onto the players and evaluated their role in how the season has gone before finishing with a brief roundup of expectations for the coming season.
April 7, 2015  

The AI South African podcast looks beyond the tatters of this seasons Champions League run towards clawing more ground back on the clubs competitors over the next few seasons. Kaylon hosts Brent Venter, Mike Krogh, Lloyd Hicks and special Guest Marco Lopes as they discuss what Liverpool must do to get a dog back into this fight.


Before that, however, the team takes a welcome detour to chat to Brent about his recent trip to Anfield to watch the Reds live for the first time. Thereafter it’s straight into the topic, the panel looks at Liverpool’s competitors and the financial gap that has come about between them. The manager is then discussed in terms of his perceived ability to bring success, either now or in the long term. The LFC squad then falls under the panelists gaze, as they evaluate what is required and what we may expect next season and in seasons to come. The pod finishes with a prediction of when Liverpool will sustainably once again challenge for top spot in the league.

February 10, 2015  
Welcome to The South African AI Pod Episode 6 hosted by Kaylon Karrim and joined by regulars Ivan, Mike and Lloyd. The lads are joined by Nina Kauser to preview the FA Cup Tie Against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park. The Panel discuss tactics and the formations that are best suited to this fixture. The panel also look into Pardew's career as both Player and Manager against Liverpool.

The panel also analyse head to heads between the two teams, and pin point Palace's danger men. All this and more on the South African Anfield Index podcast.
December 16, 2014  
In the fifth instalment of the SA Anfield Index podcast, Mike Krogh, Lloyd Hicks, Brent Venter and Host Kaylon Karrim discuss the upcoming Arsenal game at Anfield. They discuss the confidence-sapping recent period culminating in the loss to United. 

The pod then looks towards Arsenal and discusses how LFC may approach the fixture, and what the team sheet may/should look like. Finally, they move to the topic of Brendan Rodgers future at Anfield, and touch on the upcoming transfer window.

All this and more it's the South African AI Podcast!
November 13, 2014  
Another day another AnfieldIndex Podcast. Today the South Africans are back to talk about Liverpool's Identity Crisis! Kaylon hosts again with Mike, Lloyd and Ivan. They've invited Gags onto the show this time as their special guest.

Their main topic of discussion is the systems Liverpool have used over the years and what are they using this year? Or are they even using a system? Do you purchase personnel to fit a way of playing or does your way of playing fit your players?

All this and more... it's the South African Anfield Index Podcast.
October 11, 2014  
The South African Anfield Index podcast is back this time with the host of the Anfield Index Champions League Podcast, Marco Lopes, in tow!

Kaylon Karim hosts Marco and regulars Brent and Ivan as they discuss Liverpool's defence so far this season.

They discuss the centre back partnerships, the fullbacks, defensive organisation and also try to predict how many goals will be conceded this season!

All this and more it's the South African AI Podcast!
August 4, 2014  

The South African Anfield Index Podcast team are back and how: LIKE A BOSS!

Ivan Ohlson de Fine hosts this time with Mike Krogh, Brent Venter, Kaylon Karrim and Lloyd Hicks all on the panel again!
They discuss the new signings, the possible need for marquee signings, pre-season games and injuries. They also play a little game with players called Keep, Loan or Sell!
All this and more it's the South African Anfield Index Podcast!

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