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June 28, 2015  
Episode 7 of the Malaysian AnfieldIndex podcast sees the return of Kaylon Karrim from the SA pod as well as Jumpers for Goalposts co-host Jan, joining the regular panelists of Jagdesh, Leroy, and John. 

They discuss what differentiates a manager from a first-team coach, and how they might possibly overlap, if they should. 

Other topics being discussed are the difference in the dressing room from Shankly to Paisley, along with some in-depth talk about John Henry, FSG, and Brendan Rodgers.

This mixed bag of goodies and more, it's the AnfieldIndex Malaysia Podcast.
May 18, 2015  
The AnfieldIndex Malaysia crew - Jagdesh, Leroy, and John - close out LFC's 2014-15 season by giving out a handful of awards as they are joined by AI's PL Preview Pod host, Jim Fishlock, and AI Liverbird, Nina Kauser, who chimed in with their nominations as well.

• Quick thoughts on Gerrard's sending off;
• The  proportion of talent to Rodgers' guidance;
• Possible sweet talk by Rodgers to FSG to keep his job;

All this and more, it's the Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast!

January 15, 2015  
The Anfield Index Malaysia Podcast returns as Leroy hosts Jagdesh and John, along with the host of the South African AI Podcast, Kaylon Karrim, to preview the Capital One Cup semi-final tie against Chelsea. 

They discuss about whether or not the competition is merely a ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’, the Gerrard dilemma for the match-up, Chelsea’s pros and cons as well as other miscellaneous Liverpool issues, while wrapping things up with line-ups, predictions, as well as a new segment - “Fun Facts with John!”

All this and more it's the Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast!

November 13, 2014  
Jagdesh and his merry men (Leroy and John) are back from Malaysia with another podcast and this time they're talking Scapegoats!

They roped in Joseph Pepper too as their guest as they discuss Liverpool FC scapegoats past and present! 

All this and more it's the Malaysian AI Podcast!
October 7, 2014  

Jagdesh is back on the Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast but this time with a special guest in tow: Phil Casey from the LFC Day Trippers! Malaysian AIPodcast regular John also joins the pair for this International week special.

They discuss the West Brom game singling out Adam Lallana and then move onto discussing goalkeepers with Mignolet and Valdes!
All this and more it's the Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast!
September 11, 2014  
Another day another podcast - this time it's the second edition of the Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast.
Jagdesh Singh is back to host the show along with guests John, Leroy and Joe Pepper all the way from Los Angeles!
They cover topics from reviewing Spurs, Lovren, Agger, the next vice captain, thoughts on line up for Aston Villa - all this and much, much more - It's The Malaysian Anfield Index Podcast!
July 4, 2014  

Our second International Supporters special hails from Malaysia! 

@Jagdesh is at the helm with some friends! The group talk about what it's like supporting Liverpool from afar and their favourite and worst experiences!
They also cover the latest happenings at Liverpool Football Club!
All this and more... it's the Anfield Index Podcast!


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