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November 2, 2015  
Gae hosts the latest #Liverbirds pod alongside Carly, Rae & Umara as they all positively fizz with joy over the first wins under Jurgen's reign.
October 15, 2015  
Rae is back in the host's chair as Gae and Nina are joined by Jan from Jumpers for Goalposts to discuss the one name on everyone's lips: a certain Jurgen Klopp.
September 23, 2015  
Rae is back in the Liverbirds host's chair, joined by Nina Kauser and Marco Lopes. Together, they dissect the games against Man Utd, Bordeaux and Norwich City, and attempt to answer the question on everyone's lips: after millions of pounds of investment and new backroom staff, does Brendan have the balls for the LFC job?
August 27, 2015  

Gae is back to host the Liverbirds Podcast with co-host Rae! They host the GoonerGirls, Amanda and Kay, to join them as they dissect the Arsenal game with their frank opinions. There are honest assessments of each team, discussions on the future of the respective managers and THAT Michael Thomas goal!

All this and more on the Liverbirds podcast!
August 4, 2015  

The Liverbirds are back for their second season! Gae hosts the show with Rae, Beth and Carly joining her!

The ladies discuss the following:
- Views on summer transfer business
- Who else you would like to see in/out by 1 Sep
- Predicted line up for Stoke and views (1/2)
- Aug games (Stoke, AFCB,, Arse & WHU) where will we be at end of month
- 1st prediction - where we finish at end of season
All this and more on the Liverbirds Podcast!

June 17, 2015  

Gae is back as host for the Liverbirds as host. She is joined by Nina, Umara and Gags for this one!

The panel discuss the best and worst transfers in Liverpool history!
The discuss:
- Which team is actually good with their transfers and what model should Liverpool embrace?
- Best and Worst Free Transfers
- Best and Worst Transfers
- Most Valuable transer
- Best transfer windows
All this and more on the Liverbirds Podcast!
May 31, 2015  
Rae, Nina and Gae return for a season finale and the gloves are off! Where does Liverpool Football Club go after a woeful season? Is something rotten in the state of Fifa? Brendan Rodgers, Sepp Blatter and "that video" are in the Liverbirds' crosshairs. Dream signings, FSG and more - it's the Liverbirds!
May 12, 2015  

Gae is back to host the Liverbirds podcast and she has roped in a returning Nina Kauser! Nelly returns for her second appearance and there's a debut for Umara!

The ladies discuss the following:

- Chelsea game: reflection, good, bad & ugly
- SG: last home game coming up, then Stoke. What will his legacy be?
- Preview Palace game
- Almost end of season reports; no CL, no trophy, Europa league- what do we need to do if BR stays?
- Summer top transfers for LFC
All this and more it's the Liverbirds Podcast!

April 22, 2015  

In this latest episode of the Liverbirds podcast, Rae welcomes Gaye, Justin Atherly and for the first time Marco Lopes. They discuss the FA Cup semi-final and ponder what's next for Liverpool FC and Brendan Rodgers.

April 1, 2015  
The Liverbirds are back and Gaye is at the helm this time with co-host Rae as well as debutants Saran and Bob!

All four discuss the following:

- The Steven Gerrard Charity game
- New Premier League TV deal
- Arsenal Preview
- The Soapbox segment where they get to rant and rave about anything football related!

All this and more it's the Liverbirds Podcast!

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