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November 20, 2015  
The Indian podcast makes a come back with special focus on the return of Jordan Henderson. They, also, go on to dissect Klopp's approach to the Europa League and the dubious nature of this competition. They cover the touchy subject of Anfield and debate on whether or not a comeback of its famous atmosphere is on the cards.
October 8, 2015  
The Indian crew is excited and carried away with imminent arrival of Herr Jurgen. They sing songs of cheer and look forward to Kloppo's tenure as the main man in Red. All that and more, but not before saying  goodbye to Brendan Rodgers and wishing him well for the future. Belter of an episode !!
September 10, 2015  
Joined by Leroy from the Malaysian and Global podcasts the Indian crew (Srikanth, Neil, Meghana & DJ) get talking about the excesses of the summer window and its potential impact. The crew then tactically break down curious trends in the opening round of  fixtures and take a look at the upcoming game at Old Trafford.
August 12, 2015  
DJ hosts in the absence of Darshni with Srikanth, Neil and Megs. They discuss key moments from the "wont take any shit" opening day performance by LFC away at Stoke. Where the new boys put in a good shift (most of us would marry Milner) & they also discuss the approach LFC need to take for the next 3 games until international break and how it may be affected by the potential loss of club servant Lucas Leiva. all that and more in the 11th episode of the AI India Podcast.
July 10, 2015  
Dhananjai, Neil and Srikant put on their hosting hats as Darshni relinquishes all hosting responsibilities. Episode #10 is about a twisted agenda with the boys each hosting a section on the pod that the others have no idea about! They cover all things Liverpool - past, present and future and pull off an absolutely chaotic competition! 
June 9, 2015  
The Indian crew, consisting of host Darshni and the boys Srikanth, Dhananjai and Neil, come together under an optimistic light on the current happenings of Liverpool Football Club. They look back at moments that stood out from last season and then set sights on potential loan players as well as key influencers for the next season.
May 7, 2015  
The Indian podcast is back with its 8th episode featuring Kaylon from the SA pod and debutant Siddharth along with usual suspect Srikanth and host Darshni. Neil makes a special appearance whilst in UK, just returning from Liverpool and shares his experience with the panel. The focus shifts to the Europa League and its various implications for Liverpool FC, bearing in mind the future of the club.
March 31, 2015  

The usual suspects Neil, Srikanth and Dhananjai along with host Darshni debate on the importance of the FA cup versus the significance of finishing top 4. They go back to their top 4 predictions from episode 2 and draw comparisons to the current PL table. They also, analyse some of the last summer's buys and what the priorities should be for the future. 

This is Episode 7 of the Indian AI podcast!
February 9, 2015  

The Indian Anfield Index Podcast is back but this time with a bit of a difference. Darshni is back as host with regulars Srikanth, Dhananjai and Neil as well as first timer Gags Tandon. The team acknowledged that this week Anfield Index turned four years old and quiz Gags on the journey of the website and how it's reached a point where there are now over 20 different podcasts created by the site.

The team then give their reactions to the draw against Everton whilst covering Ibe, Can and Gerrard. The topic of Rodgers' substitutions is also brought up!
All this and more it's the AnfieldIndex Podcast!
December 23, 2014  
The Indian AI Podcast is back and they'll be previewing the Burnley vs Liverpool game which takes place on Boxing day! Darshni is back as host with the original crew of Srikanth, Neil, Dhananjai and Meghana!

They discuss the following:

1. Reaction to the Arsenal game

2. Analysis of Burnley 
- Overall performance against Tottenham
- key players 
- strengths/threats
- weaknesses

3. LFC team v Burnley
- Preferred starting 11 and team shape
- What kind of game to expect
- Our key players for the game

4. Final Score Predictions

All this and more it's the Indian Anfield Index Podcast!

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