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June 2, 2015  
Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro are back with episode 7 of The Happy Hour!

The lads discuss the following:

- Talk about the politics of keeping Rodgers or leaving Rodgers.
- How nobody will know the outcome of the meeting so soon.
- The success of Liverpool FC will be based on the whole summer's work and not just keeping Rodgers.
- Talk about all the possible transfer rumours.
- Go through a season review of all the goalkeepers and defenders for Liverpool FC.

All this and more laughter on the Happy Hour!

May 23, 2015  
Steve Gennaro and Dave Hendrick sit down with David Amoyal of ESPN and to discuss potential Liverpool targets from Serie A.
May 22, 2015  
The ranting Irish man and the Canadian Joyologist reunite once again to discuss all things Liverpool. 

Raheem Sterling, Jordon Ibe and Steven Gerrard are all on the agenda, and Dave wants to know what have they been smoking over at the Football Observatory. 

Get joyful people, it's the Happy Hour!
May 13, 2015  
Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro are back with the fourth episode of The Happy Hour!

The lads discuss the following:

- Transfer rumours
- Champions League spots over, what to do with the Europa League next season
- Contract negotiations
- Steven Gerrard

All this and more it's the Happy Hour Podcast!
April 29, 2015  
Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro are back once again, presented by The Anfield Index. 

On this week's show they discuss Jordan Henderson's new contract, the issue with ticket prices, a potential Director of Football for Liverpool, and more! Get Joyful people!

The Happy Hour is here!

April 19, 2015  
On this weeks happy hour, Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro reunite for an abridged but necessary chat about many of the same topics you and your mates bang on about daily. From Sterling's contract and his social life to Brendan Rodgers and Klopp!

The two shed some light on the day to day life of being a Liverpool FC Supporter!

All this and more it's the Happy Hour!

March 25, 2015  

A beaming ray of sunshine, a fountain of positivity, a beacon of hope - none of these terms have been used to describe Dave Hendrick from the Anfield Index Podcast! Nevertheless Dave Hendrick and co-host Steve Gennaro bring you The Happy Hour!

With guests Joseph Cousins and Simon Brundish they discuss contracts, Manchester United and give out some awards!

All this and more... it's the Happy Hour!

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