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July 22, 2015  
Leroy is joined by Sri as they host experts Dave Hendrick and Karl Matchett in exploring what DMs really are, where they play int he team and what they do for the team. The pods experts detail the three types of DM profiles and look at desired and ideal attributes of each, while providing some examples for demonstration. Some of the tactical possibilities offered by these DM profiles are unpacked.

The pod give attention to the DM situation at Liverpool after talking about how DMs work in partnership with a defense with a particular look at SG and LL and how this setup compares to some other notable setups around Europe. In this section, the panel discussed the options of a single or double pivot type setup. 

The pod then opens the topic of possible setups to make up for a lack of a DM this coming season, and what LFC may best compensate for this. 

July 14, 2015  
The Global Pod begins a new series on a basic overview of the major tactical areas of play using LFC as a platform for discussion. We start the series by focusing on the defence. Host, Kaylon, is joined by Daniel Rhodes and Joseph Cousins in exploring the topic.
We begin by clarifying the different types of centre backs and their roles. We discuss what makes a good centre back in general. Next, the agenda moves to talking about fullbacks and in particular the differentiation between full backs and wing backs, specifically within the LFC setup this season past. The panel talks goes into what comprises good defensive organisation, and how the backline has to work as unit to fulfil its primary objective, while also touching on the subject of defensive midfielders in relation to the backline.
The pod ends with a look at how LFC could possible set the backline up next season.
June 30, 2015  
We close up out initial stab into the world of sports science with our third instalment of the series. Kaylon is joined by Srikanth as they talk to resident sports science expert, Simon Brundish.

The pod begins with a followup from the Part 1 Pod with a discussion on how the many disciplines within Sports Science try to work together. This moves onto a look at how Sports Science is practiced at youth levels and feed into the first team. 

A major theme of the pod is Player Profile, as we look at how Sports Science can aid the head coach or manager in getting the right outcomes within a system. We talk briefly about the importance of mental versus physical traits in players, before moving on to gauging a players physical peak and what this entails exactly along various criteria.

June 23, 2015  
The Sports Science Pod Series continues as Kaylon and Leroy host Tabish to take a deeper look into the theory of injury prevention and what the model of practice is for LFC in this regard. The discussion moves to the relationship between international and league teams in what their responsibilities are in looking after players. 

We then look at the approach of other teams (from an external perspective), notably Arsenal and Dortmund, to Sports Science and what we can learn from them. 

The pod then moves to uncover the details of the steps taken in a medical with a particular concern for how due diligence can vary i transfers based on timing, as well as how patient confidentiality and medical transparency can cause conflict.

The pod concludes by speculating on the future of sports science in football and the role it can play in management decision making along with a brief point on the role Universities might play in the development of Sports Sciences.
June 17, 2015  
Global Pod regulars Kaylon and Leroy are joined by guest experts Simon  and Tabish in unpacking what Sports Science is all about at a club such as Liverpool FC. The pod explores the basic purpose of the sports science function and looks at the structure of the team under this umbrella. The day-to-day tasks of the sports science function is looked into while the strategic importance is also discussed. Particularly, we talk about the issues around injury management and prevention, and the growing role that genetics plays within the discipline. 
May 27, 2015  
Last week the Global Pod introduced various ways sporting codes from all over the globe planned for continuity. This time around Kaylon hosts Dylan, Leroy, Matthias and Srikanth as they take a look at the particular case of LFC. 

The first section look at the history of the club as far back as when Souness was managing. The transfers and changes to the on-field setups were discussed as the panel looked at how continuity figured in the clubs history since it last won the league.

The second section focuses on the years since FSG took over and interrogates what they have done in their time. We discuss how manager Brendan Rodgers has helped or hindered this process, and what the club can do moving forward. 
May 21, 2015  
Kaylon hosts Dylan, Jagdesh, Matt and Srikanth as they explore the question of continuity and which structures are best support in managing this. In this first of a two pod series, each panelist researches a model or setup in various sporting codes from around the world for some clues on how LFC can best cope moving forward. 

Mattias starts us off with a look at the general structure of ice hockey in Sweden and the USA. He discussed the effect of the sports wage cap, and gives us a closer look at one of Sweden's most successful ice hockey teams. Dylan looks at the NFL in the USA and presents he different types of setups active in the NHL, while Srikanth details the successful Swansea model both in terms of structure and dealings. Jags concludes the pod with a look at how FSG have built up the Boston RedSox, and what lesson we might draw from there.
April 23, 2015  

Kaylon is joined by Nina, Srikanth, Leroy and Martin as they rant about the debacle at Wembley Stadium where Liverpool put on a limp display against Aston Villa!

April 15, 2015  

It's the Anfield Index Global pod FA Cup special edition!

The Reds are going back to Anfield South and host Martin (AI Norway) is joined by Dan Rhodes (AI main/TTT), Dave (AI Brazil) and Jan Gorski Mescir (Jumpers for Goalposts).

We let the oldtimers talk about where the FA Cup is today compared to days of yore. Later on we have a look at the team's cup run to get to the semi final and how Villa recently has been a bit of a bogey team for us. Before we wrap it up we have a discussion of what constitutes a successful season for the Reds and the possible importance of getting our squad it's first trophy!

All this and more in the Global AI Podcast!
April 11, 2015  
Does Liverpool FC fail the pressure test? Are we bottlers?

Kaylon hosts Andrew (AI New Zealand), Dylan Baker (AI USA and writer), Srikanth (AI India) and Dan Rhodes (AI main pod, AI Analytics pod & AI TTT pod) in a special edition of the Anfield Index Global Pod. The panelists are divided into two teams take on the arguments for and against this topic.

We open by briefly discussing the recent history of LFC’s second place finishes and subsequent seasons. The pod then breaks out into more in-depth topics as we look at how LFC have coped in big games, and more specifically, how the players and the manager have handled themselves. The panel then looks at leadership within the team and whether LFC are organised as a club around this concept. The topic of fan expectations versus the clubs current capability is opened before we close by looking at the way forward, and how LFC can shake this perhaps unwarranted tag.

All this and more it's the Global AI Podcast!

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