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November 9, 2015  
The AI Global panel convenes for it's 23rd edition, as Kaylon hosts Leroy, Nathan and Sri. The lads look at what has changed positively in the last few weeks and analyses the causes of each change. We look at the general changes in play we can see before moving onto each area of the field separately and look at the intersections between them. Specifically, we look at the difference in how the LFC fullback, Can, Lucas, Coutinho and Benteke now play. 
October 12, 2015  
Roy and Kaylon are joined by two amazing guests to discuss the final year of Jürgen Klopp's Dortmund reign. A panelist on the very first AI Australia, Nathan Guy joins us. Next to him we have Alex Chaffer, who is a Bundesliga correspondent for SkySports, a writer and Editor for DW Sports and FourFourTwo and a podcaster via @TalkingFussball. 

We start by briefly looking over Klopp's time at Mainz and his early years at Dortmund. WE cover some statistics from his Dortmund years, and get the view on how the rest of Bundesliga watched his progress. In focusing on his final season there, a relative failure compared to the previous three, the panel discusses the injury crisis - it's possible causes and impacts, Klopp's ability to respond to the period tactically, and the effect of the Winter break. We also look at the ability of his team to cope without their star striker of the time and zoom in on his special use of pressing and how that affected the rest of the league. We ended by gathering the panels expectations for the coming season. 
October 10, 2015  
Kaylon, Roy and Sri record immediate reaction to the opening stanza by talking about their favourite moments from the first interview and press conference. After a general reaction, we talk about Klopp's reverence for Anfield, his take on adaptation to the Premier League, his defence first approach (in life), and his thoughts on the transfer committee. We then open the conversation a bit to discuss his handling of the famous History question, and we end by looking at how his general manner and demeanour entranced all of us watching.
October 6, 2015  
In reaction to the sacking of Brendan Rodgers by Liverpool Football Club, the AI Global pod goes all around the world to bring you reaction from across the globe. Sixteen interviews covering eleven countries are recorded and presented from just about every AI territory and beyond. Each respondent is given a chance to relate anything regarding the ex-manager and his time at Liverpool.
September 22, 2015  
Kaylon is joined by Roy and Sri as they host Simon Brundish to open a discussion around LFC recruitment versus application of players. 
We start by looking at recruitment and what how it potentially could work at LFC. This includes how the players may be identified, and what situational factors may be considered. We also look at 'softer' considerations such as leadership or passion, and how this may be accounted for. 
We then move on to how the players LFC have bought have shaped up relative to expectations. The panel discusses flexibility and what that may actually entail, and how certain attributes may apply across positions.
September 14, 2015  
Surging forward with the AI Global Podcast Tactics Series discussing wide players, Leroy Mah hosts Marco Lopes and Jason Roberts, both from within the AI Channel. 

Marco's familiarity with Benfica leads to a discussion about wide players from the Portuguese League and Marković, while Jason's expertise in the Bundesliga sparks names that were never even targets to begin with.

Other topics include:
• Types of wide players and traits that make them good.
• The versatility and tactical adaptability of wide players (Alberto Moreno gets a shout).
• Their roles at both ends of the pitch in different systems.
• A very wide, broad look at some of the best wide players in Europe today.

All this and more, it's the AnfieldIndex Global Podcast!
September 1, 2015  
The AI Global Podcast is back and so has the Tactics Series with the 4th instalment covering Centre Midfielders!

Regular panelists Leroy and Srikanth are joined by Zak Forster from the Writers Group to discuss the multiple types of centre-midfielders that are present in today's game. 

Topics covered include: 
• The traits that make each type of CM good;
• Their roles in various structures of teams;
• How midfielders can benefit teams in other areas than just in midfield.

All this and more, it's the AnfieldIndex Global Podcast!
August 2, 2015  
Continuing in the AI Global Tactics Series, Leroy and Andrew host Alex and Tabish as they talk about Attacking Midfielders in a tactical perspective 

Discussing points:
• The types of attacking midfielders and what makes each of them good.
• Attacking midfielders in a team context and their role in a team.
• The Coutinho-Firmino-Lallana enigma.

All this and more, it's the Anfieldindex Global Podcast!

July 27, 2015  
Kaylon and Sri welcome debutante to the Global Pod, Callum Huckle (AI writer and contributor to the AI Writers Pod), and Sport Science practitioner Simon Brundish to pull the curtains back on what happens in football pre-season.

We begin by taking a look back at how pre-season has changed over the far and recent past, and how sports science approaches the period currently. Simon explains how the pre-season is broken down into various blocks and details the tests and activities that take place throughout the pre-season. We look at how LFC have approached their pre-season, and weigh in on the different teams Rodgers seems to be using. We also look at the various ways technology has come into sports science and how players have changed their attitudes towards the discipline as a whole.

All this and more on the Global AI Podcast!

July 23, 2015  
Jagdesh hosts this Global Pod along with Kaylon, with guests Jason and Umarah in the panel. They are joined by special guest, Jateen Bhana of the LFC Academy in South Africa. 

The pod covers the roles and responsibilities of the LFC Academy and how it helps develops kids (roughly ages 5-16) all over the world, with a particular focus in South Africa. We look at how the Academy teaches the Liverpool way and looks at the football, cultural and individual development that comes with that. 

We then get to hear from Umarah, Jason and Jags as they detail their varying experiences of having children who play football. This raises various issues of football culture, including how it is manifested in different countries, how gender is approached, how cultural and ethnic background plays a role, and what happens in particular situations when the child shows real promise. The pod also covers how the coaching of children in football is perceived and accepted by parents. 

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