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November 22, 2015  

Gags Tandon hosts the Anfield Index Podcast Extra show in which he welcomes resident Statto and co-editor Daniel Rhodes. They discuss Liverpool's mauling of Manchester City by focussing of the statistics. They first have a look at the on-ball stats and then also discuss AnfieldIndex's exclusive Pressing Stats that once again broke records in the game. There are lots of interesting points and findings! Have a listen and let us know what you think!

November 12, 2015  

John Ritchie is back hosting the Anfield Index Podcast... Extra! He is joined by the returning Jim Fishlock, Jim Boardman and the not so joyous Steven Gennaro!

The lads discuss Klopp's story so far, adaptation to English Football, things learnt since his arrival, they ask if the defensive shape is better and also predict points for the upcoming fixtures!
All this and more on this Extra - Anfield Index Podcast!
October 28, 2015  
Gags Tandon is joined by Graeme Kelly and Harinder Singh as they take calls from the listeners about anything and everything from Jurgen Klopp's first victory as Liverpool manager against Bournemouth.
October 25, 2015  
Dan Rhodes hosts this Post Match Review show of Jurgen Klopp's first Premier League game at Anfield. He is joined by Leroy and Srikanth as they discuss the game, rate players and analyse the tactics and stats from the game.
October 23, 2015  
The Anfield Index Extra pod reacts to the Liverpool game against Rubin Kazan, the first home game for new LFC manager, Jurgen Klopp. Kaylon is joined by Hari Sethi (AI preview Pod) and Nina Rodriguez. 
The guests begin with some general talk about the game along with their thoughts on the lineups, formation and the overall approach of LFC to the game. The panel then moves onto major talking points from the games, including the two goals and the sending off. We then look at some particular performances from the Liverpool squad and end by looking forward to the next league game against Southampton and beyond.
October 14, 2015  

We decided to release an impromptu conversation with Simon Brundish which was LIVE on Twitter in what was an experiment for Gags on Wednesday night (a rare night off) so that you can all listen back. Simon talks about Joe Gomez's unfortunate injury, Sports Science, injuries and Klopp. A quick half an hour chat is all we had time for due to technical difficulties - have a listen and let us know what you thought!

October 8, 2015  
Gags Tandon and Nina Kauser co-host this Anfield Index Podcast Extra show as they welcome on Borussia Dortmund supporters Sandra Goldschmidt and Matthew Gerrard.

The panel discuss all things Jurgen Klopp with regards to when he took over in 2008. Did they expect the success? Did the fans take to him instantly? How did they feel when he announced he was leaving? Even though Dortmund struggled last season they fully backed Jurgen, was that because of him or would they do that for anyone? And they also asked if this was the right move for him and if they thought he could bring the title to Anfield?
To finish the Dortmund fans share their favourite memories of Jurgen Klopp's time at their club with regards to best goal celebration, best interview and best overall moment! Sit back and enjoyed this AI Podcast Extra special!
October 5, 2015  

Gags Tandon hosted another podcast on Sunday evening as he welcomed Dave Hendrick and Jim Boardman to discuss the latest news - Brendan Rodgers being sacked from Liverpool!

They discuss Rodgers leaving, the foundations he's laid, where it went wrong and what they enjoyed from his time. They also discuss the rumours that Jurgen Klopp will be in charge at the club before they play Spurs in two weeks time.
October 2, 2015  
AI Extra returns for the post match response to the LFC home game with Sion. Kaylon is joined by Martin (AI Norway), Gae (AI Liverbirds) and Harinder (AI Desi) to pick the bones of this one right after the game. 
We start off with general thoughts and immediate response to the result before moving onto the games major talking points. This included both goals and a selective review of the LFC players. The panel then looked at more general issues including the tentative play of the LFC team, including its defensive vulnerability and lack of control in midfield. We also talk about the increased chance creation we saw in this game. 
The talk then moves to more general topics such as the perceived importance of the Europa league specifically through the lens of squad management and substitutions.  The youngsters in the side are reviewed as they were given a chance to play. The pod closes with a roundup of selected Twitter questions.
September 26, 2015  

Gags Tandon is joined by Nina Kauser, Harinder and Dan Rhodes as they discuss the Liverpool win against Villa at Anfield... in a CAR!!

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