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September 18, 2015  
After Phil’s break we are back to discuss our feelings post the United debacle and the result in Bordeaux. We deal with the overriding deflation of current state of play in the Rodgers reign as well as Jouska, comedy tv, and the upcoming Norwich match. Its the Daytrippers. 
September 3, 2015  
So we talk about West Ham and the all the joyous misery it brought us. We look at the burning questions mainly the managers decisions in game which left a lot to be desired. We discuss how we feel about our transfer business with the window slammed shut and the feelings of the fans to the many loan deals we sent out. We round out with trippers chats including andy’s riposte to his recent abuse on twitter, bread and its impact on Andy's digestive system, the right temperature in your fridge, sexy admin and the apple tart saying. Oh and another opening tune from the philistry of sound. Its the Daytrippers. 
August 27, 2015  
We are back talking the match v Arsenal. From sexy football with Phil, Bobby and Chris, sexy mids with Jimmy and Jackie, super full backs with Nate Dogg and Big Joe and even some Lucas talk and a song. More? ok so we look ahead to West Ham and then discuss the most important things to you including gherkins, nuttella, naming someones baby, our dream guest and finish up with a Donkey story. Its the Daytrippers. Strong Language alert from the outset. 
August 19, 2015  
Pod time and the lads are back to discuss another fine win with fast flowing attacking football over Bournemouth. Also up for debate is the no.10 position, the truss (always the truss), coaching, why defensive mids are shit and other football stuff. We have Trevs Big Word which is a fitting choice this week given the atmosphere at anfield. We round off with your questions as ever. Oh and we have a new song to open the pod from Phil. You have been warned. Its the Daytrippers.
August 12, 2015  
The lads drop a new pod on the wonder win v Stoke at the weekend. Praise galore for Phil, Emre, Milner and everyone else including Dejan Baresi our new defensive rock. Well nearly everyone - unlucky Adam. They look ahead to Bournemouth and what they want to see start and round out as ever with TrippersChats including our new feature in memory of Trev “Trevs Big Words”. Expect strong language and another Casey song from the off, You’ve been warned its the Daytrippers.
August 6, 2015  
First match of the season is upon us and the lads look ahead to the Britannia and Stoke. We talk lessons learned, the selection dilemmas, old friends, the hack of the premiership ball, whiskey, toblerones and porridge. 
July 30, 2015  
The boys are back talking the weeks LFC events. We look at our rivals this season, likely starting players and our fears and expectations for the coming season. Who are we struggling to get rid of, shit brazilian names and the Roof Truss. We close with our take on likely biggest disappointment for the season ahead, seagal in blue thunder, WWF finishing moves and Hipster trends and some more outtakes. Its the Daytrippers jingle jangle.
July 23, 2015  
On this weeks pod Andy takes the reins to host the show and we get trev to guest and talk like when he writes. We talk Benteke, Enrique, the matches, preseason, who’s going to space, victoria sponge squads and exploding seagulls.

Its the Daytrippers.
July 15, 2015  
No Fume. No Trev. Back podding and we have a great show. We did an interview with football agent Jeremy Dow on the role of the agent and the talent bed that is the Bundesliga. We then discuss the first preseason friendly with Ray, Paul, Phil and debutante Dave O’Connell writer with the Anfield Chat. We look at all the positives coming out of the training game. We talk Sterling, Benteke and Reus before finishing with trippers chats introduced by a special guest. Its the trippers and its what you expect.
July 1, 2015  
So we dragged ourselves in to what was essentially a small sauna bunker. We then covered everything we could think of through dehydration and Benkeskey talk. We hit everything Clyne, Benteke, Soddy, exits, moon landings v balloon jumping, why organised events are shite and some other stuff. Its the usual nonsense with less effort.

It's the Daytrippers!

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