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November 23, 2015  
Back once again like the renegade masters. Oh my days a win and what a win. A belter tune to open, joy happiness and madness as you’d expect and a lot of bobby love. Remixes, ausfahrt, cardboard and horse meat. Its the day-trippers.
November 18, 2015  
So the lads took the week off. But don’t fear we have a very special interview with InSoccer Agent Jeremy Dow on the life of a football agent including how they scout players and what they look for. He also gives us a unique insight on Klopp and his coaching team including a likely name on the Klopping list. To make it up for no bothering our hoops doing anything after multiple nights out we have thrown in a best of the recent trippers chats. You will not fail to enjoy the madness. Its the Daytrippers.
November 10, 2015  
After the loss to Palace the lads discuss all the goings on both on and off the pitch. We talk the goals the game and of course Jurgy Bears annoyance at the early leavers. We close out with trippers chats with a discussion on cannibalism and puke. standard. Its the Daytrippers.
November 3, 2015  
Live from the man cave the trippers lock and load this weeks celebration of the win over chelsea. A lot of focus on the brilliance of trevor francis and old jobs which andy leads us on. Funky admin is back as Phil hosts and destroys another chart hit. It's the DayTrippers.
October 27, 2015  
Pod done in Koln incredibly hungover and in various different parts of the day. Best Description ever. Thank U Sean Bitte.
October 20, 2015  
So after Klopps first game in charge the lads discuss what impressed them. How the mutsching is already taking effect. Why Skrtel is doomed to failure, why Sakho is great and the surprises who klopp will love. We round out with TORSPEKING, stevos favourite tripper, Steve McLaren's manscaping and when that’ll do really won’t. Its the Daytrippers.
October 12, 2015  
So another week and we build up to Jurgy Bears first actual match. The lads let out their love for the new gaffer. Talk about how little they no or care about the vuvuzela fans of Spurs. And Trippers Chats has a new feature Herr Meisters words along with best bargains, the gym, sac shaving and more. Its the Daytrippers plus our usual unthought of opening tune.
October 5, 2015  
So the first pod after Brendan was relieved of his job. The lads talk brendan, memories, Klopp and his impending tenure, the Derby, Skrtel, Pick and Mix deviants and Joe Allen aka Hank Scorpio. Its the Daytrippers. Oh and Phil is on singing duty so ear be warned.
September 29, 2015  
So after another wondrous win the lads are back, and so is dead Trev. We discuss the implications of the Villa game in which we revelled in being just about acceptable. We talk about the coming season under Brodgey and his phenomenal press utterances. We have a special interview with friend of the pod and architect of the We are Everywhere Us book in which Trev wrote a whole chapter dedicated to Phil. We close out admitting we know nothing about FC Red Bull Star Sion, the upcoming merseyside derby, cake farts and practicing your kissing. Its the Daytrippers.
September 24, 2015  
On the eve of the eve of Rodgers sacking as LFC manager the lads gathered in the bunker watching a dodgy stream of another shitefest of football v Carlisle. It was a struggle but we managed to knock something out of 3 hours of football including songs, computer games, pigdultry and irish celebrities and sportsters. Oh and some LFC cabbage as usual. Its the Daytrippers.

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