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November 18, 2015  
The AI Canada Pod is back!‎ Michael von Herff welcomes regular Colin Dhillon and special guest, Sportsnet's James Sharman. The discuss Klopp's first weeks in charge, the rise of parity in the Premier League and what it means for LFC's prospects this season and beyond, as well as casting a glance at the fixtures ahead. Where do you think LFC will be at the turn of the year? 
August 26, 2015  
Michael von Herff is back with a special AI Canada pod.  The first in an occasional series, Roadmap to Glory looks across Europe at other leading clubs who are on top of their domestic leagues following a period the footballing wilderness.  This segment asks the question: “What should Liverpool learn from these other clubs to inform our ‘roadmap to glory’?”   Michael is joined by Jan Gorski Mescir and Marco Lopes to talk about one of the first “big clubs” of the modern era: SL Benfica. Marco’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the club history and lore reveals some surprising parallels between LFC and Benfica and – sadly – a Liverpool connection to the club’s wilderness years. 
This segment will become an occasional feature of future AI Canada pods as the season unfolds. Stay tuned…
June 25, 2015  

Mike Von Herf is back with a special Canadian AI Podcast in association with 5Times!

On this episode Mike interviews Liverpool legends Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer.
The lads discuss what 5Times is all about, the global reach of Liverpool FC fans, the Firmino signing being a statement of intent by the club and a lot more!
January 29, 2015  
Michael von Herff is back to host the Canadian Edition of the AI Podcast with regular win men Joey Johnson, Matt Chiasson and debutant Hersi Hujaleh. 

The Canadian Reds discuss the season and whether we're at a turning point or just more of the same. They talk about Sakho, Balotelli, Rodgers... all this and more it's the Canadian AI Podcast!
November 17, 2014  
The Canadians are back with their fourth episode and Mike von Herff returns as host with the regular crew in tow: Colin Dhillon & Joey Johnson as well as debutant Philip Jones. They are joined by Jumpers for Goalposts Podcast host Jan Gorski-Mescir this week!

The panel discuss Brendan and favouritism, tactics, how to change it all and FIFA Corruption!

All this and more it's the Canadian AI Podcast!
October 16, 2014  
The Canadians are back with their third episode and a new host too! Michael von Herff, from Jumpers for Goalposts fame, takes over the reigns as host with the regular crew in tow: Colin Dhillon, Matthew Chiasson and Joey Johnson.

The panel discuss the number 10 role at Liverpool FC and go through the players that could fill this role and who'd be the best to play there. They cover Sterling, Lallana, Coutinho and Gerrard for this spot.

All this and more it's the Canadian AI Podcast!
September 9, 2014  

The Canadians are back for Episode 2 of their version of the Anfield Index Podcast!

This time they're missing Steve Gennaro but Joey Johnson takes over hosting duties with Matthew Chiasson and Colin Dhillon appearing again as guests!
They review the three games so far as well
- talk about transfer dealings
- look ahead to Aston Villa and Ludogorets games
- a discussion on being back in the Champions League
All this and more! It's the Candian Anfield Index Podcast!
July 10, 2014  

Our fourth International Supporters special hails from Canada!

Canadians; Steve Gennaro, Colin Dhillon, Joey Johnson and Matthew Chiasson are on the AIPodcast sharing their experiences and love for the club that unites us all - Liverpool Football Club. They talk highs and lows, what it's like supporting from afar, new signings Lambert, Lallana and Cann plus Luis Suarez too!

All this and more... it's the Anfield Index Podcast!


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