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November 6, 2015  

Dave is joined in the pod by regular Matt and guests Jan Gorski-Mercir and Joey Connors


They take a Look back at the Chelsea game and the form of our Brazilian players Lucas, Firmino and Coutinho. They discuss how much of an impact being dropped from the Brazil side may have caused them and the upturn in form of Lucas Leiva.

July 1, 2015  
Dave is back with his gang from South America for Copa America special as they cover:

- Brazil’s exit from Copa America
- Mexico's exit and thoughts
- Praise for Paraguay
- Where does Dunga go from here?
- Positives for Brazil
- Neymar ban
- How we see the tournament going now
- Liverpool summer transfer business 

Dave is joined by Matt Skinner, Robbie Blakey and Armando Angulo!
June 29, 2015  
Dave Caren returns as the host of the Brazilian Anfield Index Podcast with guests that have a keen eye on the Bundesliga. Neil Patterson, who resides in Germany and Andy Wales, a huge of the German league both guest on the podcast to talk Firmino and more!

The lads discuss: 

- Feelings around the Firmino signing – Ian Ayre has finally found his passport!
- How Firmino will fit in?
- Where he will play, versatile player, whats his best and expected starting position for us?
- Strengths and weaknesses.
- Look at our potential midfield lineup.
- With this transfer are FSG finally discovering how to run the football side of the club.
- Where is BR and whats going on?

All this and a lot more on the Brazilian AI Podcast!

June 10, 2015  
The Brazilian Podcast is back and this time they are reviewing the Copa America for Brazil! Dave Caren is back as host with Armando Angulo, Matt Skinner and journalist Robbie Blakey on the show too!

The lads discuss the following:

- Preview of group C
- Take a look at Brazil squad
    - Any surprises in selection?
    - Starting 11 and shape
    - Coutinho

- Quick look at group B (Argentina group)
- Predictions on tournament
- Possible winners
- Dark horses
All this and more in the Anfield Index Brazilian Podcast!
May 18, 2015  

Dave Caren hosts the Brazilian AI Podcast with guests Thiago Silva, Armando Angulo and debutant Matt.

The lads cover the following:
- FSG - Are we happy with them and what they done for us do far?
- Is the current situation really suitable now in FSG's eyes?
- Transfer policy - DoF /Committee/ Backroom. What needs to change?
- Do they need a change of direction to move us forward?

All this and more it's the Brazilian AI Podcast!

March 21, 2015  
Twice in a day we've managed to give fans around the globe a voice... welcome Brazil!

Your host for this show is Vanessa Perez with guests Luke Perez, Thiago Silva and Dave Caren!

They discuss how they became Liverpool fans and their favourite player from the Reds!
They also discussed:
- Coutinho and Lucas
- The Premier League presence in Brazil
- Where they feel Liverpool will finish this season
All this and more it's the Brazilian AI Podcast!


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