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November 19, 2015  
Gags Tandon and Harinder Singh are back with Nina Kauser in tow as the Desi Anfield Index Podcast turns one year old! The team talk about how it all started and what was occurring at Liverpool FC as the podcast grew over the year. The ups and downs (post-Aston Villa Desi Car podcast) and comedy moments are discussed as well as their favourite moments. There's also a special appearance by Rupinder who is Harinder's wife as she speaks about what it's like to be married to a dedicated Liverpool supporter!
November 18, 2015  
On Episode 16 of The Runner, Sachin Nakrani is joined by Henry Jackson, feature writer and match reporter for This Is Anfield, and Stephen Tudor, freelance writer and editor of The Daisy Cutter. The lads preview Liverpool's trip to Manchester City on Saturday, discuss criticism of match-going supporters and debate whether it's actually better being a fan when your team is crap.
November 18, 2015  
Nick Truss and Zak Forster are back with Kristian Johnson to discuss how they got on with their Fantasy Footy teams. They also preview the next set of fixtures! 
It's the @AIFantasyFooty pod!
November 18, 2015  
The AI Canada Pod is back!‎ Michael von Herff welcomes regular Colin Dhillon and special guest, Sportsnet's James Sharman. The discuss Klopp's first weeks in charge, the rise of parity in the Premier League and what it means for LFC's prospects this season and beyond, as well as casting a glance at the fixtures ahead. Where do you think LFC will be at the turn of the year? 
November 18, 2015  
So the lads took the week off. But don’t fear we have a very special interview with InSoccer Agent Jeremy Dow on the life of a football agent including how they scout players and what they look for. He also gives us a unique insight on Klopp and his coaching team including a likely name on the Klopping list. To make it up for no bothering our hoops doing anything after multiple nights out we have thrown in a best of the recent trippers chats. You will not fail to enjoy the madness. Its the Daytrippers.
November 17, 2015  
Daniel Rhodes is joined once again by Mihail Vladimirov and Rene Maric as they discuss Jurgen Klopp's first seven games in charge!
The Good
- players used in suitable roles - i.e. no more duplication of roles (AL + PC issue), no more square pegs in rounds holes and more clarity in tactical instructions.
- clear game plan and overall tactical framework - as a result of the above - meaning everything is geared towards making the team more than the sum of its parts
- increasingly efficient attacking patterns of play - based on overloads, but without being one-dimensional in possession and positional play thanks to mixing up the passing and using all channels when attacking (see SFC, Rubin A and Palace games)
- greater defensive organisation - mainly due implementing clarity when out of possession (i.e. high D-line, smart counter-pressing) and playing a holding midfielder to offer greater protection to CBs
- using common sense - rotation, toning down pressing when necessary (after EL games)
The Bad
- still lack of decisive in-game changes made to alter the course of the game tactically (bar the CFC game regarding Benteke) - all 3 games where LFC needed to win but couldn't saw Klopp's changes found lacing (Rubin H, So'ton, Palace). Could've been braver and more creative in using the available resources to increase the team's attacking capability
- inability to deal when being pressed - Spurs and Palace showed that (So'ton tried but LFC's shape deal with it due to mismatch in numbers). This an issue who over time should be resolved with Klopp utilising all tricks available to him (lopsided shapes, congested ball-playing zones, creating mismatch of numbers in pressing areas etc) but is a problem in the moment.
The Rafa
Short chat looking at Rafa Benitez's initial period at Real Madrid.
November 17, 2015  
Following a sadly tragic International break the AI Premier League Preview Pod is back. Host Hari Sethi and guests look ahead to Liverpool's upcoming game against top of the league Manchester City and discuss what Klopp may have learned from his first defeat as Reds' boss. 
On the pod this week are host of the AI Desi Pod, Harinder Singh and Manchester City Correspondent for Bleacher Report, Rob Pollard. 
- How will Liverpool cope with the loss of Sakho and the forced inclusion of Lovren?
- Will Henderson be fit to return and what sort of impact will he make on Klopp's side?
- How has Raheem Sterling settled at City so far? 
The boys cover all this and more, be sure to listen and let them know your thoughts! 
November 12, 2015  

John Ritchie is back hosting the Anfield Index Podcast... Extra! He is joined by the returning Jim Fishlock, Jim Boardman and the not so joyous Steven Gennaro!

The lads discuss Klopp's story so far, adaptation to English Football, things learnt since his arrival, they ask if the defensive shape is better and also predict points for the upcoming fixtures!
All this and more on this Extra - Anfield Index Podcast!
November 11, 2015  
Dave is joined by pod regulars Carly, Neil and John. They take a quick look back at the weekends game before discussing the depth and lack of depth in different areas of the current squad, have a disagreement in opinion over Joe Allen, ask if Benteke will ever fit our system and chat about the Sakho injury.
November 10, 2015  
After the loss to Palace the lads discuss all the goings on both on and off the pitch. We talk the goals the game and of course Jurgy Bears annoyance at the early leavers. We close out with trippers chats with a discussion on cannibalism and puke. standard. Its the Daytrippers.

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