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October 31, 2015  

Nina Kauser is back after a well deserved break with her post match show discussing Jürgen Klopp’s 1st league win at Stamford Bridge. 

The day he turned doubters into believers. The panel consisting of James Owens and Tim Johnston look back at the game and performance and answer twitter questions sent in by listeners such as; Is Coutinho over-rated? Do Liverpool need to buy a forward in January given their injuries? How much of a miss is Henderson, and how much would Jürgen Klopp relish the prospect of having him at his disposal? What was the most important aspect of that result?

Discuss James Milner’s performance and will he be a bit part player once Henderson is fit? Or will he feature wide?

Nina and the panel also discussed players that have impressed under Klopp such as Lallana, Lucas and Mignolet. They also look discuss the inclusion of Benteke and how he was effective and proving doubters wrong. All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!
October 31, 2015  

Dylan Baker is back with the American AI Podcast along with Mexican friends! Jason Belk, Aly Cardoza, Andres Palafox and Samuel Chuicha join Dylan in this Tex-Mex Special!

They discuss Klopp, tactics and cover the Bournemouth game in the Capital One Cup!
October 30, 2015  
Powered by Jurgen Klopp fueled adrenaline, the AI Committee is back for a 5th episode! 
The arrival of our new manager has brought renewed optimism to everyone associated with Liverpool FC, with the contributors to this podcast being no exception. Given his previous association with Bundesliga and the realisation that LFC now potentially have some serious pulling power in that league, episode 5 is a Bundesliga special, dedicated to hopeful transfer targets who the Committee think would make a significant difference to our team.
Hosted by Jason Roberts who is joined by Bundesliga enthusiasts Dinesh Hardayal and Andy Wales, the guys discuss in detail 4 players who they feel are realistic targets for the club and speculate on how much it would cost to make the transfers a reality. There are also a couple of additional players who have been discussed in previous episodes, but would be rude to leave out!
With no budget involved, Andy and Dinesh have free reign to pluck some of the cream of the Bundesliga crop. Who will they pick? Will you agree with them? Give it a listen and find out!
October 30, 2015  
Seb's analysis of Chelsea this season: how the Blues' pre-season backfired; the lack of rotation; no new, effective, transfers brought in during the summer, especially in defence; the terrible underlying stats this season and the lethargy the team have shown so far this season. The tactical preview: how will Chelsea set up? Who will play? Will there be any rotation? And then Mihail discusses the options and likely approaches for Liverpool. 
October 29, 2015  
In this Jurgen Klopp 'Jumpers for Goalposts' Special, Jan Gorski-Mescir (@Fydsy), Dave Hendrick (@DaveHendrick_AI), Marco Lopes (@FootyML) and Tony 

Roberts (@asroberts74) Look at what the new manager brings to the table, his methods, personality, the structures he likes to work within, the systems 

he likes to play and the change in mindset some fans will need to understand him. 

The Music is Jan's cover of Kraftwerk's 'Europe Endless' performed and recorded on synthesizers almost as old as the originals!
October 28, 2015  
Gags Tandon is joined by Graeme Kelly and Harinder Singh as they take calls from the listeners about anything and everything from Jurgen Klopp's first victory as Liverpool manager against Bournemouth.
October 28, 2015  
On this week's Premier League Preview Pod host Hari Sethi discusses Liverpool's upcoming game at 15th place Chelsea and with the help of two great guests, takes a look at just what's gone wrong for Jose Mourinho this season.
Giving their takes on how the season has gone so far for LFC and digging down into why it's gone wrong for the self professed 'Special One' are Chelsea fan and writer for Pride of London, Mark Treadwell and Football coach and writer for These Footy Times, Jon Townsend. 
Will the 'normal one' hammer the final nail into the 'special one's' coffin as Chelsea manager?
How key will Firmino & Benteke be to Klopp picking up results? 
All this and more on this week's show!
October 28, 2015  
Zak Forster takes the hosting seat this week as he is joined by regular fantasy football host Nick Truss to discuss all thing Fantasy Football! Meet the new AI team entered 10 weeks in, plus the 65 million challenge with a new challenger seeing if they can make their way onto our leaderboard! It's @AIFantasyFooty.
October 27, 2015  
Dave is joined on the pod by regulars Neil and Carly. They are joined by Guest Umarah Naz to discuss Klopps first 3 games in charge of LFC. They question the performances and look at any imporovements in the 3 games, the amount of time they expect Klopp to need to get LFC back to winning ways, potential new additions and ask the thorny question is it time to cut our losses with Sturridge
October 27, 2015  

Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro are back to discuss all things Jurgen Klopp on the 17th episode of the Happy Hour Podcast!

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