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August 31, 2015  
Bienvenidos, Welcome back everyone to the 8th instalment of the Mexican Anfield Index Podcast, as always your host is Armando Angulo and he’s accompanied by two of the original members of the Mexico team Aly Cardoza and Sam Chiu Cha.  Recorded following the West Ham defeat, the lads will be touching on the match and the overall performance this season. They also will discuss Daniel Sturridge, Marvel at Phil Coutinho and chat about whether or not Brendan Rogers has turned a corner and made changes for the better, we have all that and more.
August 29, 2015  

Nina Kauser is back to take a look at the horrific performance that resulted in Liverpool suffering an embarrassing home loss against West Ham. She has Gags Tandon joining her to discuss the shambles on display at Anfield!

Nina and Gags answer caller and twitter questions such as:

- Were the substitutions correct? Did the right players make may for them? 
- Would you have taken off Lucas instead of Can? 
- Does Brendan change his tactics and formations for home games and change it up for away games where we grind out results?
- Would Lucas play for Liverpool in home games or would you swap him for Can?
- Sakho has to come back into this squad right?
- Also is it time to go with 2 strikers? Milner should start wide next week and can and Lucas in midfield: with Firmino taking Coutinho's place. What do u say?
- Why does anyone think anything will change under this manager? No evidence just wishful thinking and why aren't the journalists in Liverpool pressing Rodgers harder to play Sakho? We all saw this coming from Dejan eventually.

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show
August 28, 2015  
Dave Caren hosts the first ever Anfield Index Northern Ireland Podcast with Neil Patterson, Carly Murray and John Henderson!

They discuss the first 3 games of the season: the positives and negatives and which players have impressed or surprised.

Rating the new signings and discussing the fees paid after their arrival based on what we thought before they came and if they seem to represent value for money

Transfer window is still open, any new arrivals or departures on the cards? 

All this and more on the inaugural Northern Ireland AI Podcast!
August 28, 2015  
A mixed crew with brilliant debuts.  Host Dylan Baker is joined by regular Nile Smith, debutante Kev Hegarty, and MexiMaster Armando Angulo to discuss the current state of the Liverpool squad. 

By position, this rag-tag crew of Americans run through the performances of the team so far and how well Brendan Rodgers has faired in the hot seat.  Of course, banter and giggles ensue.  All this and more, it's the AI USA Podcast!
August 28, 2015  
Nick Truss is joined by Zak Forster, Sri Bala and new writer Kristian Johnson to discuss Game Week 3 of Fantasy Football. The quartet discuss the results from the past week as well as look forward to Game Week 4. Did the wildcards pay off? Has the curse of Cal continued? We have all this plus the results from the £65 Million Challenge! Want to get involved? Tweet us @Anfieldindex @Nick_Truss or @ZakForster_AI.
August 27, 2015  
On Episode 9 of The Runner, Sachin Nakrani is joined by Paul Brown, football writer for Express Newspapers, and Amar Singh, Digital Sports Editor at the London Evening Standard. The lads reflect on Liverpool's draw with Arsenal, Mario Balotelli's departure from the club and the myth of the media's love-in with Jose Mourinho. 
August 27, 2015  

Gae is back to host the Liverbirds Podcast with co-host Rae! They host the GoonerGirls, Amanda and Kay, to join them as they dissect the Arsenal game with their frank opinions. There are honest assessments of each team, discussions on the future of the respective managers and THAT Michael Thomas goal!

All this and more on the Liverbirds podcast!
August 27, 2015  
We are back talking the match v Arsenal. From sexy football with Phil, Bobby and Chris, sexy mids with Jimmy and Jackie, super full backs with Nate Dogg and Big Joe and even some Lucas talk and a song. More? ok so we look ahead to West Ham and then discuss the most important things to you including gherkins, nuttella, naming someones baby, our dream guest and finish up with a Donkey story. Its the Daytrippers. Strong Language alert from the outset. 
August 26, 2015  
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On the 4th episode of the PL preview Pod we discuss LFC's impressive performance at the Emirates & look ahead to Saturday's game against West Ham at home. Host Hari Sethi was joined by AI regular & host of the LFCDaytrippers pod Phil Casey & Buzzfeed creative & Mundial Mag man Sam Diss for an entertaining and lively chat!
August 26, 2015  
Michael von Herff is back with a special AI Canada pod.  The first in an occasional series, Roadmap to Glory looks across Europe at other leading clubs who are on top of their domestic leagues following a period the footballing wilderness.  This segment asks the question: “What should Liverpool learn from these other clubs to inform our ‘roadmap to glory’?”   Michael is joined by Jan Gorski Mescir and Marco Lopes to talk about one of the first “big clubs” of the modern era: SL Benfica. Marco’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the club history and lore reveals some surprising parallels between LFC and Benfica and – sadly – a Liverpool connection to the club’s wilderness years. 
This segment will become an occasional feature of future AI Canada pods as the season unfolds. Stay tuned…

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