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July 17, 2015  
Host: Daniel Rhodes
Guests: Damian Parsonage, Andrew Beasley, Mark Cohen, Krishen Bhautoo, Anthony Stanley, Dan Kennett. 
Agenda: last season, this summer and the future.
July 17, 2015  

Hendrick and Gennaro are back once again. This week the lads welcomed on Ligue 1 football journalist Jonathan Johnson to discuss Origi, Sakho and Lacazette but first Dave and Steve discussed the Christian Benteke move. Get Joyful people, it's the Happy Hour.

July 16, 2015  
On Episode Six of The Runner, Sachin Nakrani is joined by Bundesliga writer Stefan Bienkowski and World Soccer contributor Greg Lea. The lads discuss Bastian Schweinsteiger's move to the enemy, the impact Emre Can and Firmino could have at Liverpool next season and why so few Scottish players have been a success at Anfield in recent seasons.

July 15, 2015  
No Fume. No Trev. Back podding and we have a great show. We did an interview with football agent Jeremy Dow on the role of the agent and the talent bed that is the Bundesliga. We then discuss the first preseason friendly with Ray, Paul, Phil and debutante Dave O’Connell writer with the Anfield Chat. We look at all the positives coming out of the training game. We talk Sterling, Benteke and Reus before finishing with trippers chats introduced by a special guest. Its the trippers and its what you expect.
July 14, 2015  
The Global Pod begins a new series on a basic overview of the major tactical areas of play using LFC as a platform for discussion. We start the series by focusing on the defence. Host, Kaylon, is joined by Daniel Rhodes and Joseph Cousins in exploring the topic.
We begin by clarifying the different types of centre backs and their roles. We discuss what makes a good centre back in general. Next, the agenda moves to talking about fullbacks and in particular the differentiation between full backs and wing backs, specifically within the LFC setup this season past. The panel talks goes into what comprises good defensive organisation, and how the backline has to work as unit to fulfil its primary objective, while also touching on the subject of defensive midfielders in relation to the backline.
The pod ends with a look at how LFC could possible set the backline up next season.
July 14, 2015  
It's another AnfieldIndex Podcast Extra episode and this one is all about Gary McAllister! Hosted by Dave Caren with guests Jan Gorski-Mescir, Andy Wales, Matt Skinner and Srikanth Bala.

They discuss the following:

Gary Mac's Playing career 
- Characteristics as a player 
- His strengths
- Clubs played for 
- Success as a player 

Coaching career 
- Any details on his coaching career
- What are the positives of him joining, what are the negatives of him joining.
- Does his presence as a successful former player that won trophies, a cult hero, fill a small part of the void Stevie leaves in the dressing room, a person that will be respected?

All this and more on the Anfield Index Podcast Extra!
July 13, 2015  
Welcome to another episode of the Nina Kauser World Tour and this week Nina visits New Zealand! They talk about Liverpool FC's upcoming tour of Australia and what the previous tour was like. Nina is joined by Andrew McGoff, Sid Arora and Sam Paddock to discuss the following:

- How did you all become Reds? 
- Hendo named captain and makes FIFA cover discussion
- Thoughts on Gary Mac confirmed as new first team coach
- Three more years of Skrtel. Given a renewal to keep experience in squad?
- Idiot Abroad! A lot of fun as Nina will copy Kiwiw accents! The lads select a word or phrase for each player and Nina has to repeat it! The players are: Lucas, Markovic & Moreno!

All this and more on the Nina Kauser World Tour!

July 12, 2015  
Welcome to another episode of the AnfieldIndex Quiz Show hosted by Ryan McTrippy.

If you've been listening to all the different podcasts we have been bringing to you we have combined them all and made Podcast teams.

The teams will battle it out to become the Anfield Index Quiz champions!

Episode nine is all about Group B with the Jumpers for Goalposts, AI Writers, USA and Canada!!

The fixtures are:

Jumpers for Goalposts (Jan Gorski-Mescir) Vs Team USA (Justin Wells) 
AI Writers (Andy Wales) Vs Team Canada (Mike Von Herff)

Plenty of banter and some good trivia on the Anfield Index Quiz Show!

You can find the Podcasts involved and the full draw here: AI Quiz Show Draw
July 11, 2015  
Hendrick and Gennaro are back once again. This week the lads discuss Captain Hendo, Skrtel's new contract, the on going Sterling saga and potential transfer targets. They also dip in to the mailbag to answer your questions. Get Joyful people, it's the Happy Hour.
July 11, 2015  
Raw podcasting at its finest as the writers are back. Nick Truss, Sri Bala, Dylan Baker, Zak Forster and Cal Huckle come together to engage in the latest fumes in the LFC universe whilst taking a look at the upcoming tour of Asia and Australia.

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