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July 24, 2015  
Nina Kauser is back with her World Tour Series and on this episode she's visiting Australia!

Nina welcomes John Theodoulou, Mick Mahon and Sam McBain onto the show to discuss the following:
- How they became Liverpool fans?
- Liverpool tour of Australia - you were there - tell us all about it!
- The perks of the press pass - John and Sam represented AnfieldIndex as the press!
- What players impressed you in the tour? Who looked great in the fresh? Who would you have looked to seen play live ?
- How do you think we will do this season with the new signings? 
- Idiot Abroad 

All this and more on the Nina Kauser Show!

July 23, 2015  
On this weeks pod Andy takes the reins to host the show and we get trev to guest and talk like when he writes. We talk Benteke, Enrique, the matches, preseason, who’s going to space, victoria sponge squads and exploding seagulls.

Its the Daytrippers.
July 23, 2015  
Welcome to Episode 19 of the Red Room with Graeme Kelly & Jay Riley.

Today the lads are joined by Journalist Simon Hughes, who is also the author of books Red Machine & Men in White suits. Also Craig Austin, who is well known on Twitter and appears on RedmenTV.


- Pre season so far, who's impressed?
- Happy with the fee for Sterling? Will he be missed? 
- Benteke signing, pleased with him? Could we have got someone else? Will he suit us?
- Unlikely to do anymore business now. Sales next: Lambert, Borini, Enrique, Balotelli to go, where to?
- Hopes for the new campaign. Top 4, trophy, take the Europa League seriously? Squad depth good enough?

All this and more on The Red Room Podcast!

July 23, 2015  
Jagdesh hosts this Global Pod along with Kaylon, with guests Jason and Umarah in the panel. They are joined by special guest, Jateen Bhana of the LFC Academy in South Africa. 

The pod covers the roles and responsibilities of the LFC Academy and how it helps develops kids (roughly ages 5-16) all over the world, with a particular focus in South Africa. We look at how the Academy teaches the Liverpool way and looks at the football, cultural and individual development that comes with that. 

We then get to hear from Umarah, Jason and Jags as they detail their varying experiences of having children who play football. This raises various issues of football culture, including how it is manifested in different countries, how gender is approached, how cultural and ethnic background plays a role, and what happens in particular situations when the child shows real promise. The pod also covers how the coaching of children in football is perceived and accepted by parents. 
July 22, 2015  
Leroy is joined by Sri as they host experts Dave Hendrick and Karl Matchett in exploring what DMs really are, where they play int he team and what they do for the team. The pods experts detail the three types of DM profiles and look at desired and ideal attributes of each, while providing some examples for demonstration. Some of the tactical possibilities offered by these DM profiles are unpacked.

The pod give attention to the DM situation at Liverpool after talking about how DMs work in partnership with a defense with a particular look at SG and LL and how this setup compares to some other notable setups around Europe. In this section, the panel discussed the options of a single or double pivot type setup. 

The pod then opens the topic of possible setups to make up for a lack of a DM this coming season, and what LFC may best compensate for this. 

July 21, 2015  
Nina Kauser is back with her World Tour Series and on this episode she's visiting Canada!

Nina welcomes Mike von Herff, Matt Chiasson and Joey Johnson onto the show to discuss the following:

- How the lads became Reds - Canadian Reds?
- Thoughts on Sterling
- Are Liverpool a selling club? Is this how we operate now? 
- Thoughts on pre-season
- Benteke discussion
- Idiot Abroad Segment 

All this and more on the Nina Kauser World Tour!

July 20, 2015  

The Anfield Index Podcast is back! Gags is once again hosting and he has a stellar line up with him. Marco Lopes, Simon Brundish and Joseph Cousins are the guests as they cover the following topics:

Pre-season so far
- Brief thoughts on games, performances and key points

The Raheem Farewell
- Final thoughts on Raheem leaving and on Markovic/Lallana roles going forward

Benteke thoughts now that he's signing
- Feelings on whether he will be a good signing or not.

Any reason for optimism this season?

All this and more on the Anfield Index Podcast!

July 20, 2015  
The Australian team are back and this time they've managed to ask Brendan Rodgers questions in the post match press conference following Liverpool's 2-0 victory against Adelaide in Australia. Simon Kroger, John Theodoulou and Sam McBain represented AnfieldIndex at the game as part of the press group.

July 19, 2015  
The AI South Africa pod is graced by former LFC RSA Supporters Club executive, Chris Midgley. The pod is hosted by Kaylon who is joined by regulars Mike and Brent. 
Chris shares his insight on the club itself, how it operates and what it offers, as well as the support base for LFC within South Africa. He also shares his thoughts on his experience of the response of SA Reds fans across our quite underwhelming season just past. 
The pod then moves on to discuss thoughts on our new signings, and how Liverpool have conducted business already within the current transfer window. The panel then moves onto the recent coaching appointments and what this could mean for our season ahead. Finally, we give our thoughts on the what pre-season means this time around, and our building enthusiasm for the new season.
July 18, 2015  

Gags Tandon and Harinder Singh are back to discuss all things Liverpool FC. They welcome Sunny Bains onto the show again as they discuss potential outgoings and the impending signing of Christian Beneteke!

The lads give their Harami of the week and who they think deserves a positive award!
Harinder has a song for Ian Ayre to start up and to end the lads welcome the lovely Anna Heer, a Punjabi singer that has just released her first single! She's a Red so she talks talks about how she became a Liverpool and her expectations for the coming season - she even sings for us (it's beautiful!).
All this and more on the AI Desi Podcast!

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