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June 24, 2015  
It's Episode 76 of the Anfield Index Podcast and Gags Tandon is back in the host seat! He is joined by Dave Hendrick, Nina Kauser and Bundesliga expert Jonathan Harding!

They discuss Firmino extensively for the first 40 minutes of the Podcast as well as other options from the Bundesliga that Liverpool should target!

The rest of the show is Gags asking Dave questions on the following:

- Which strikers could complement Firmino and Coutinho?
- With Sterling sold and Firmino replacing - what is your preferred line up?
- Imagine Kovacic joins... how does he fit in!?

All this and loads, loads more on a bumper edition of the Anfield Index Podcast! 

June 23, 2015  
It's another edition of the Nina Kauser World Tour! This time Nina travels to the USA! Nina hosts Dylan, Justin and Nile as they discuss the following:

- Intro: introduction - the lads talk about their origins and how they became Reds!
- Sterling discussion - who should replace him!
There are murmurs on social media of supporters starting to get frustrated with FSG. The lads talk about FSG!
- What can we expect for the coming season, what are your predictions?
- Squad name game! Well it's tough as you all speak English but the lads try to speak with an American accent which Nina has to copy. Three players: Borini, Kolo Toure and Sturridge are the players!
All this and more on Nina Kauser's World Tour!

June 23, 2015  
The Sports Science Pod Series continues as Kaylon and Leroy host Tabish to take a deeper look into the theory of injury prevention and what the model of practice is for LFC in this regard. The discussion moves to the relationship between international and league teams in what their responsibilities are in looking after players. 

We then look at the approach of other teams (from an external perspective), notably Arsenal and Dortmund, to Sports Science and what we can learn from them. 

The pod then moves to uncover the details of the steps taken in a medical with a particular concern for how due diligence can vary i transfers based on timing, as well as how patient confidentiality and medical transparency can cause conflict.

The pod concludes by speculating on the future of sports science in football and the role it can play in management decision making along with a brief point on the role Universities might play in the development of Sports Sciences.
June 20, 2015  
Gags and Harinder are back with another episode of Desi and Nina takes a break from her World Tour to join them!

Gags and Harinder take their old Sazuki Maruti and travel back in time to discuss the teams that finished 2nd for Liverpool in 08/09 and 13/14. As usual Nina Kauser has plenty to say on the matter as the panel discuss the following points:

- Team comparison, which team was better?
- Memorable moments of the season
- Which season did you connect with the most and which did you enjoy the most?

All this and plenty more fun on the Desi Anfield Index Podcast!
June 19, 2015  
Welcome again to Nina Kauser's World Tour! This week she's speaking to the Anfield Index team from India; Darshni, Srikanth and Neil!

They first talk a little about how they team became Reds. How big is Liverpool's fan base in India? Do the team part take in any extra activities to do with the Reds?

The following was also discussed:

- Reaction to the fixture list. What are the major sections of the season? Which games are affected by Europa meaning are there any tough games before or after European games?

- Thoughts on the silence from the club/FSG on transfers and Rodgers.

- What can we expect for the coming season, what are your predictions?

- Squad name game! Team India pick a name for Henderson, Balotelli and Lovren - and then Nina has to copy them!

All this and more on Nina Kauser's World Tour!

June 18, 2015  
It's episode four of the exciting debate show Face Off, hosted by Jay Patel.
Jay is by joined by Gags Tandon and Dave Hendrick who debate who should be the future captain of Liverpool Football Club.
Should they go for perhaps the obvious choice in Jordan Henderson? Or should they put further faith in Mamadou Sakho and give him the captaincy.
The lads discuss:
· The captaincy qualities of Henderson and Sakho
· The qualities the future captain needs
· Should this be a short term or long term appointment?
· Who would be their vice captain selections?

Sit back and enjoy the latest fiery debate's Face Off.
June 17, 2015  
Back once again with the renegade masters. All the stuff thats gone on since we decided to take a couple of weeks off. Transfers, strategy, fixture lists and its massive irrelevance. Then the real business trippers chats with Segal, vampire tablets and more. Oh and a special guest slot from Nina Kauser and Gags.
June 17, 2015  

Gae is back as host for the Liverbirds as host. She is joined by Nina, Umara and Gags for this one!

The panel discuss the best and worst transfers in Liverpool history!
The discuss:
- Which team is actually good with their transfers and what model should Liverpool embrace?
- Best and Worst Free Transfers
- Best and Worst Transfers
- Most Valuable transer
- Best transfer windows
All this and more on the Liverbirds Podcast!
June 17, 2015  
Global Pod regulars Kaylon and Leroy are joined by guest experts Simon  and Tabish in unpacking what Sports Science is all about at a club such as Liverpool FC. The pod explores the basic purpose of the sports science function and looks at the structure of the team under this umbrella. The day-to-day tasks of the sports science function is looked into while the strategic importance is also discussed. Particularly, we talk about the issues around injury management and prevention, and the growing role that genetics plays within the discipline. 
June 16, 2015  
It's the happiest hour of your week and Dave and Steve are back once again to discuss the latest Liverpool news and review the performances of Liverpool's midfielders during the 2014/15 campaign. 

Andrew calls again to give his views, and the lads introduce a new feature to the podcast. 

Get joyful people, it's happy time.

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