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June 30, 2015  
Welcome back to the Mexican Anfield Index’s coverage of Copa America. The group stages have passed and our beloved Tricolor has fizzled out with not much to show for themselves.  We will be discussing the knockout rounds, the semi finals and everything in between from the action on the pitch the controversy off of it. Also we will lightly touch on the recent going ons at LFC.  Today we are joined by the one and only Andres Palafox,  very special guest Guillermo Angulo, and as always your host Armando Angulo.

June 30, 2015  
We close up out initial stab into the world of sports science with our third instalment of the series. Kaylon is joined by Srikanth as they talk to resident sports science expert, Simon Brundish.

The pod begins with a followup from the Part 1 Pod with a discussion on how the many disciplines within Sports Science try to work together. This moves onto a look at how Sports Science is practiced at youth levels and feed into the first team. 

A major theme of the pod is Player Profile, as we look at how Sports Science can aid the head coach or manager in getting the right outcomes within a system. We talk briefly about the importance of mental versus physical traits in players, before moving on to gauging a players physical peak and what this entails exactly along various criteria.

June 29, 2015  
Welcome to another episode of the AnfieldIndex Quiz Show hosted by Ryan McTrippy.

If you've been listening to all the different podcasts we have been bringing to you we have combined them all and made Podcast teams.

The teams will battle it out to become the Anfield Index Quiz champions!

Episode nine is all about Group A with the original Anfield Index Podcast, The Liverbirds, Australian Podcast and New Zealand Podcast!!

The fixtures are:

The AI Podcast (Jim Fishlock) Vs New Zealand AI Podcast (Sid Arora) 
The Liverbirds (Nina Kauser) Vs Australian AIPodcast (Mick Mahon)

Plenty of banter and some good trivia on the Anfield Index Quiz Show!

You can find the Podcasts involved and the full draw here: AI Quiz Show Draw
June 29, 2015  
Dave Caren returns as the host of the Brazilian Anfield Index Podcast with guests that have a keen eye on the Bundesliga. Neil Patterson, who resides in Germany and Andy Wales, a huge of the German league both guest on the podcast to talk Firmino and more!

The lads discuss: 

- Feelings around the Firmino signing – Ian Ayre has finally found his passport!
- How Firmino will fit in?
- Where he will play, versatile player, whats his best and expected starting position for us?
- Strengths and weaknesses.
- Look at our potential midfield lineup.
- With this transfer are FSG finally discovering how to run the football side of the club.
- Where is BR and whats going on?

All this and a lot more on the Brazilian AI Podcast!

June 28, 2015  
Episode 7 of the Malaysian AnfieldIndex podcast sees the return of Kaylon Karrim from the SA pod as well as Jumpers for Goalposts co-host Jan, joining the regular panelists of Jagdesh, Leroy, and John. 

They discuss what differentiates a manager from a first-team coach, and how they might possibly overlap, if they should. 

Other topics being discussed are the difference in the dressing room from Shankly to Paisley, along with some in-depth talk about John Henry, FSG, and Brendan Rodgers.

This mixed bag of goodies and more, it's the AnfieldIndex Malaysia Podcast.
June 28, 2015  
Whilst all Liverpool fans are salivating over the prospect of watching Firmino in action, the AI Committee discuss the other end of the pitch & helping to plug our leaky defence.

With Skrtel's contract situation unclear, this could be the perfect time to bring in an upgrade. Working to a budget of £20m, Dinesh Hardayal & John O'Sullivan make their recommendations on who they think should be brought in.

In addition, the lads also target a player in a position of their choosing who can come in & improve the team.

Hosted by Jason Roberts, if you're an armchair scout yourself or simply enjoy learning more about players, then you're (almost) guaranteed to enjoy the AI Committee!

June 26, 2015  
A new look panel as Nick Truss is joined by Sri Bala, Hari Sethi and Mike Fitzgerald. A certain news story disrupts the agenda as the lads discuss the signing of Roberto Firmino before normal order is resumed and youth development is questioned. Sit back and enjoy, it's the AI Writers Football Show
June 25, 2015  

Mike Von Herf is back with a special Canadian AI Podcast in association with 5Times!

On this episode Mike interviews Liverpool legends Robbie Fowler and Jason McAteer.
The lads discuss what 5Times is all about, the global reach of Liverpool FC fans, the Firmino signing being a statement of intent by the club and a lot more!
June 25, 2015  
John Ritchie is back for this Anfield Index Podcast - Extra! He welcomes former Liverpool player Rob Jones and they discuss Rob's career. What he felt like when he joined as a young player, the two domestic cup wins and his career ending injury. A must listen for all reds.
June 25, 2015  
Back for your weekly ride to the tripperside. We interview Mark Wright on his time with LFC, 3 at the back and his upcoming 5 a side charity event in Dublin. Something your company may want to get involved in for a wonderful cause. We then sing for bobby, discuss strikers, countdown, coaches, midfielders, exits. Then on to waxing, bum hair, Camouflage bulls and you get the inside on our wind up on trev. A good weeks work done. BOBBBY FIRMINOOOOOO

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