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May 31, 2015  
Rae, Nina and Gae return for a season finale and the gloves are off! Where does Liverpool Football Club go after a woeful season? Is something rotten in the state of Fifa? Brendan Rodgers, Sepp Blatter and "that video" are in the Liverbirds' crosshairs. Dream signings, FSG and more - it's the Liverbirds!
May 29, 2015  
It's episode three of the exciting debate show Face Off, hosted by Jay Patel.
Jay is by joined by Dan Rhodes and Simon Brundish who debate whether Brendan Rodgers should continue as LFC manager.
The lads discuss a wide range of topics including
- Rodgers’ successes and failings in his tenure
- How Rodgers has managed and developed players
- Has he underachieved in his time at Anfield?
- How has he done tactically?
- What managers should we bring in if Rodgers goes?
Sit back and enjoy the latest fiery debate's Face Off.

May 29, 2015  
Andrew McGoff was joined by NZ Pod regular Sid, Cam was able to come back and join us and Sam Paddock made his debut. 

The podcast is based around Sam's trip from NZ to Anfield where he got to see LFC play Newcastle and QPR. We also discussed the experience of seeing the Villa FA Cup semi-final live.

Sam spoke about the warm reception he received from locals and the lads talked about the Anfield atmosphere and the Local v OOT debate.
Next the panel reviewed the players and in particular Brendan Rodgers and whether his time an LFC is up. Are our expectations as fans realistic!
May 28, 2015  
It’s AI Writers 10, 10 years on from the miracle in Istanbul host Nick Truss is joined by regulars Dylan Baker, Neil Patterson and Michael Fitzgerald they are also joined by a special guest, the man who makes this all possible; the podfather, the dictator, Gags Tandon. They discuss the clubs fortunes since that amazing night in 2005 as well as looking at some of the latest LFC news including Carlo Ancelotti, Dubai, Andre Wisdom, Kolo Toure and of course John Carver. Sit back and enjoy, it’s the Writers Football Show.
May 28, 2015  
What is a football system?  The Americans across the pond take a look at what a system is/can be defined as and who is responsible for creating one.  Host Jon Moore is joined by Dylan Baker, Justin Wells, Nile Smith, and pre-reboot regular Jason Belk to discuss Liverpool systems (or lack thereof).

Also included:

Brief review of the Stoke match

The Steven Gerrard departure and the effects of the long-time captain on Brendan Rodgers

Rodgers: stay or go?  Plus, the implications of each option

What are FSG's ambitions?  Are they concerned with the lack of trophies now, or are they aiming for more later?

John Henry in America's Game: How FSG have transformed the Red Sox

All this and more, it's the USA edition of the Anfield Index Podcast!
May 27, 2015  
Last week the Global Pod introduced various ways sporting codes from all over the globe planned for continuity. This time around Kaylon hosts Dylan, Leroy, Matthias and Srikanth as they take a look at the particular case of LFC. 

The first section look at the history of the club as far back as when Souness was managing. The transfers and changes to the on-field setups were discussed as the panel looked at how continuity figured in the clubs history since it last won the league.

The second section focuses on the years since FSG took over and interrogates what they have done in their time. We discuss how manager Brendan Rodgers has helped or hindered this process, and what the club can do moving forward. 
May 26, 2015  
The lads drag their butts in to do a season review. Somewhere through it they just can’t be bothered going through the yoke as its not worth reviewing so hope and thoughts to the future creep including thoughts on Benteke and other transfer needs. Trippers chats is manic as ever with andy’s unique take as ever on things. 
May 25, 2015  
The Anfield Index Podcast is back after a week's break and this time Gags is on a break! Dave Hendrick returns to host the show and has guests Hari Sethi and Joseph Cousins in tow.

The lads discuss the following:

- Brendan Rodgers, is it time to say goodbye?
- Raheem Sterling saga latest
- The humiliating loss to Stoke City by 6 goals to 1.

All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!
May 24, 2015  
Nina Kauser Show Episode 31 - Liverpool’s last game of the season was away to Stoke and it ended 6-1 to the home side. An embarrassing way for the red men to end their season and worst possible way for Steven Gerrard to bid his farewell from the Premier League. 

The panel consisting of Gags Tandon, Andy Wales and James Owens answer fans questions on the following:-

- Is this this the final nail in the coffin for Brendan? If so, who is the right man to replace him?
- Would Liverpool and FSG take back Rafa?
- Could Rafa work under FSG? 
- If a new manager comes in does Sterling stay?  
- Where was the fighting spirit from our players? Have the players lost faith in Brendan Rodgers?
- What does Brendan Rodgers say in Boston to convince the owners to keep him? 
- Is there a power struggle between the committee and Rodgers?
- If Rodgers stays do FSG need to rebuild the foundations of Liverpool Football Club?

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show
May 24, 2015  
The TTT Tactics podcast is back with Daniel Rhodes as the host. Guests were: Mihail Vladimirov and Stevie Grieve (@StevieGrieve)


- The evolution of Stevie's coaching career, all over the world. 
- Youth development in India, and how the current youngsters compare to Europe's elite. 
- What will the standout skill be in future Indian players? Can a manager, in a top European club, combine the role of head coach with the required level of in-depth dedication to tactical analysis and strategies? 
- Liverpool's failure this season: is it the standard of the players purchased or the tactical integration of them within the preferred system? 
- Using the correct players to suit their strengths and the team's requirements. 
- Getting the best out of Lambert, Lallana and Lovren. 
- The importance of a mobile/quick holding midfielder. Liverpool too open in possession, and then left exposed in transition if they lose the ball. 

All this and more on the TTT Tactics Podcast!

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