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April 22, 2015  
The Anfield Index Podcast is back and along with it so is the host John Ritchie! John has regular Gags Tandon and Happy Hour co-host Steve Gennaro joining him.

The lads discuss the following points:

- The long term view of LFC. Where are we now?
- Is Rodgers the right man for LFC?
- What should fans expect going forward? What should we demand?
All this and more, it's the Anfield Index Podcast!
April 22, 2015  

In this latest episode of the Liverbirds podcast, Rae welcomes Gaye, Justin Atherly and for the first time Marco Lopes. They discuss the FA Cup semi-final and ponder what's next for Liverpool FC and Brendan Rodgers.

April 22, 2015  
We made it to 2!  The American AI Podcast comes back on with Jonny Moore hosting the show with guests Dylan Baker, Justin Wells, and Nile Smith.

We cover a variety of topics, including:

- The American football-viewing experience
- FA Cup semi-final review vs. Aston Villa
- Is Brendan Rodgers right for us?  What about the Klopp news that's broken last week?
- The International vs. Local Fan debate

All this and more: it's the Anfield Index American Podcast!

April 21, 2015  
After the debacle of Wembley we welcome Trev back to hosting duties along with Phil, Andy and Dave to discuss whats gone on. We look at the bigger picture as to what this game threw up and ask the question on Brendan's long term future. We also have guests in the studio Caroline McGuigan and Tony Browne to tell us about the upcoming charity match between the Liverpool Legends and Borough Legends for the Suicide or Survive charity . Its a great interview and a great occasion for all this weekend. 

We end as always with our weekly trippers chats and a special guest helping out with the admin. 

April 20, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show is back after a small break and Nina has three superb guests with her this week. Simon Brundish, Jim Fishlock and Andy Wales make up the panel for a special post-match podcast rather than a call in.

The aftermath of the horrific Aston Villa loss is what is discussed as well as game details, multiple tactical changes and who exactly is to blame for this season? Who's heads should roll?

All this and more it's The Nina Kauser Show
April 19, 2015  
On this weeks happy hour, Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro reunite for an abridged but necessary chat about many of the same topics you and your mates bang on about daily. From Sterling's contract and his social life to Brendan Rodgers and Klopp!

The two shed some light on the day to day life of being a Liverpool FC Supporter!

All this and more it's the Happy Hour!

April 17, 2015  
Jan Gorski Mescir is back with another episode of Jumpers For Goalposts.

On this episode he is joined by regular AnfieldIndex podcasters and hosts, Rae, Jim Fishlock and Dave Caren.

They discuss the following:
- Summary of the season against expectation - are we satisfied or frankly disappointed?
- If we have the choice, do we stick with Brendan or go after Klopp?
- What do we need for next season?
- Semi-final quick-fire thoughts.

All this and more... it's the Jumpers For Goalposts Podcast.

April 16, 2015  
The Runner is a new podcast for the Anfield Index hosted by Guardian sports writer Sachin Nakrani. On each show Sachin will discuss all things Liverpool with a couple of his fellow journalists. They'll also delve into other stories in the world of football, as well as provide an insight into the media and how and why they do what they do. 

On this episode Sachin welcomes journalists Richard Jolly and Melissa Reddy as they discuss Sterling, Gerrard and a whole lot more!

All this and more it's The Runner Podcast!

April 16, 2015  
A small crew in the bunker discuss the curates egg of a win on Monday night and the never ending soap opera which is Raheem Sterling. We then look at the upcoming semi final before closing with Trippers Chats as ever. No Trev so Phil fills in as host. 

It's The Day Trippers!

April 15, 2015  

It's the Anfield Index Global pod FA Cup special edition!

The Reds are going back to Anfield South and host Martin (AI Norway) is joined by Dan Rhodes (AI main/TTT), Dave (AI Brazil) and Jan Gorski Mescir (Jumpers for Goalposts).

We let the oldtimers talk about where the FA Cup is today compared to days of yore. Later on we have a look at the team's cup run to get to the semi final and how Villa recently has been a bit of a bogey team for us. Before we wrap it up we have a discussion of what constitutes a successful season for the Reds and the possible importance of getting our squad it's first trophy!

All this and more in the Global AI Podcast!

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