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April 29, 2015  
On this week’s The Runner, Sachin Nakrani discusses Liverpool’s abysmal defeat to Hull and where that leaves their season, and Brendan Rodgers in particular, with Simon Hughes and Paul Brown. The panel also discuss the importance of press conferences, the up and downs at Everton and whether Chelsea really are a rival.

April 29, 2015  
Some shit performances and awful results awaits Trev, Phil and Trippers Stevo, Brenzie and Dave Thomas. Podcasting gold. We keep the match discussion short and the overall football discussion on message. We also have an exclusive interview with Ian Rush with Neil Gray. Dont worry trippers chats is great craic so it'll lift your mood after those excuses of games. 

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April 29, 2015  
Dave Hendrick and Steve Gennaro are back once again, presented by The Anfield Index. 

On this week's show they discuss Jordan Henderson's new contract, the issue with ticket prices, a potential Director of Football for Liverpool, and more! Get Joyful people!

The Happy Hour is here!

April 28, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show - Episode 27 is the Post Match Call In immediately after the 1-0 loss at Hull City.

The Panel consisting of Amar Singh, Marco Lopes and Liverbird Gae answer caller questions.

The following are covered:

- Has Brendan lost the dressing and does his body language suggest he’s given up? 
- Are Liverpool lacking a leader? 
- Where can you place the blame aside from Brendan? 
- Do players make it difficult for Brendan? Were we naive in the transfer window? 
- Does Brendan have the pulling power in Europe? 
- Will lack of Champions League footbal hinder our transfers
- Does playing young players out of position hinder their growth and confidence? 

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!

April 28, 2015  
It's Episode 15 of the Red Room with Graeme Kelly & Co-Host Jay Riley. It's a special two-man show today as the lads chat about all things Liverpool.

The discuss the following:

- Brief game review of the disappointment against West Brom and the poor form.
Top 4 pursuit over?
- Season now over?
- Frustrations with Sturridge injuries
- Contracts: Henderson done. Skrtel next. Sterling in the summer?
- Stadium redevelopment. The interest free loan of FSG. Repayments of it & the Knock on effect. Especially without CL revenue.
- Depay talk
- Preview QPR game
- Predictions

All this and more it's the Red Room Podcast!

April 27, 2015  
Episode 70 of the Anfield Index Podcast is here and it's Gags Tandon back in the hosting chair. He is joined by fellow AI Podcasters: Dan Kennett, Jim Fishlock and Simon Brundish.

The lads discuss the following:

- West Bromwich thoughts
  - Thoughts on game
  - Tactics and changes made
  - Analytical look

- If Rodgers by some miracle gets fourth do you still make the swap to Klopp with the assumption Klopp is willing?

- Boycotting away games to bring down ticket prices

All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!

April 26, 2015  
In this, the 3rd episode of the Mexican Anfield Index podcast, the boys will discuss the tough draw against West Brom.  Touch on the current state of the club, and what positives can be carried into the remaining fixtures and even next year.  We go in depth for a preview of the LFC vs Hull City match on Tuesday, hoping for an upturn in form.  All this and more with Aly Cardoza, Sam Chiu Cha, Andres Palafox, host Armando Angulo and a very special guest in AI Brazil's Dave Caren.
April 25, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show episode 26: The Post call in for West Brom v Liverpool. Nina welcomes he panelists Gags Tandon and Kaylon Karim who answer questions on:

- How does Glen Johnson get a start for Liverpool?
- Did Brendan Rodgers show tactical nouse by switching Sterling and Ibe? 
- Were the substitutions savey by Brendan or did they display naivety? 
- Was Lovren great or did he have little to do? 
- Is Balotelli wasted up top on his own? 
- Does Rodgers get the blame for the result or the players? 
- Do the panel think Brendan’s very assured press conference was just a publicity stunt and is he a man in deep danger of losing his job? 

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!
April 25, 2015  
The writers are back but with a new identity. Is Liverpool's season over? Is it time to freshen things up? Nick Truss is joined by Dylan Baker, Michael Fitzgerald and Neil Patterson to discuss this as well do a quick LFC news round up! There was also time for some twitter questions! Sit back and enjoy, it's the brand new writers football show.
April 23, 2015  

Kaylon is joined by Nina, Srikanth, Leroy and Martin as they rant about the debacle at Wembley Stadium where Liverpool put on a limp display against Aston Villa!

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