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March 31, 2015  

The usual suspects Neil, Srikanth and Dhananjai along with host Darshni debate on the importance of the FA cup versus the significance of finishing top 4. They go back to their top 4 predictions from episode 2 and draw comparisons to the current PL table. They also, analyse some of the last summer's buys and what the priorities should be for the future. 

This is Episode 7 of the Indian AI podcast!
March 30, 2015  
It's Episode 68 of the Anfield Index Podcast and Gags Tandon is back to host with guests Steve Gennaro, Simon Brundish and the lovely Nina Kauser.

The team break the ice about how they all got together on Anfield Index.

They also discuss:

- Sturridge's injury, it's impact on the team and his role
- Sterling's position in the side
- Jordon Ibe's injury and role
- Gerrard and Skrtel bans, how do they affect the team?
- Top 4 or FA Cup? Which would you choose?
- Select the side for the Arsenal game
All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!

March 29, 2015  

It's the fifth Australian Anfield Index Podcast! Aryton Eldridge is back to host with regulars John Theodoulou and Mick Mahon!

They discuss youth players, players on loan and the coaching set up in these areas. Players mentioned are Thiago Illori, Harry Wilson, Divock Origi and many more.
All this and more it's the Australian Anfield Index Podcast!
March 27, 2015  
Worried about the Sterling contract stand off? Fearful of Liverpool selling him in the summer? Well fear no longer, as the AI Committee has it covered! 

Hosted by Jason Roberts, the AI Committee is a brand new podcast in the Anfield Index family that combines scouting & discussion with an element of fantasy football.

On the debut episode, committee members Dinesh Hardayal & Alex Barilaro are tasked with finding a potential replacement for Raheem Sterling & suggesting another player that Liverpool should look to sign. Working to a budget, it's up to them to convince Jason which players Liverpool should sign.

Fun and informative, the Anfield Index is proud to present the AI Committee!

March 26, 2015  
It's the exciting debut show for Anfield Index's new debate podcast...Face Off, hosted by Jay Patel.

Jay is by joined by Jim Fishlock and Nick Truss who debate the futures of Simon Mignolet and Adam Lallana.

Are they first choice material or should they be upgraded in the summer?

The lads discuss:
- Do we need a goalkeeper who is better with his distribution?
- Will Mignolet improve any further?
- Is Lallana affecting the performances of others?
- Should we sell Adam Lallana this summer?
- Is Lallana a scapegoat amongst fans?

Sit back and enjoy the newest fiery debate's Face Off.

March 25, 2015  

A beaming ray of sunshine, a fountain of positivity, a beacon of hope - none of these terms have been used to describe Dave Hendrick from the Anfield Index Podcast! Nevertheless Dave Hendrick and co-host Steve Gennaro bring you The Happy Hour!

With guests Joseph Cousins and Simon Brundish they discuss contracts, Manchester United and give out some awards!

All this and more... it's the Happy Hour!
March 25, 2015  
The American AI Podcast is back and this time it's rebooted! Dylan Baker hosts the show with Justin Wells and Nile Smith as guests!

The guys spend some time introducing themselves and talk about how they became a Liverpool fan and how it affects their life over on the other side of the Pond.

They also discuss:
- Skrtel's ban
- How do Sakho and Can cope?
- Does Lovren come back in?
- Do you trust Kolo?
- Would you change to a back 4?
- How does losing Skrtel affect Mignolet?
- Current Injury crisis
- How should LFC line up vs Arsenal with the current injury list

All this and more it's the American Anfield Index Podcast!

March 25, 2015  
Involved: Chris Rowland, Daniel Rhodes, Damien Parsonage (@damienpar), Simon Steers (@sisteers). 

Topics: Anyone want to talk about Sunday? The optimistic build-up. Swapping Sturridge for Sterling up front. Although the Red Devils dominated most areas of the match, they still created very little. The huge gaps in the middle of the field. A lack of pressing recently. Nullifying Sterling and his lack of support. Was it the Van Gaal or The Monk Plan? Has there ever been a game with a more negative total outcome? Especially when you consider the injuries. Avoid falling into the trap of ruling out fourth off the back of one defeat. Avoiding the Gerrard incident. Literally stamping your mark on a game. Gerrard acting on behalf of the fans' first-half frustration. Did the referee see the incident? Is it worse if he doesn't see the incident, as in Skrtel's case? Sterling, wages, the wage structure and Liverpool current approach. Do increased wages for one player have any impact on team spirit? What is Sterling's true value, and how would you structure a performance-related contract? 'Parochial saturation' as a Liverpool fan. The quantity and quality of content available nowadays and keeping up with other teams' players. FIFA scouting by the kids. "Nobody told me this was a podcast..."
March 24, 2015  
For the first time ever the LFC Day Trippers appear on the Anfield Index Channel! Phil Casey hosts in Trevor Downey's absence with Stevosideways, Brenzie, David Hartery and David Thomas also in the bunker.

Right back at ya. Trevless but we are thundering on. A surprisingly upbeat review of the ManU game despite the result and context and a lot of belief it can still be done. We have a natter on the brilliance of Sakho and his uncomfortableness on the ball and discuss everything and anything. We round out with trippers chats as only we can. 
March 22, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show Episode 23 - Nina Kauser is back after the horror at Anfield against Manchester United.

The panel consisting of Gags Tandon and Dylan Baker discuss the defeat to Manchester United and answer questions on the following:

- Did Brendan get the formation wrong?
- Should we play Sterling in a more central role? 
- Why wasn’t Markovic playing? 
- Should Brendan have swapped Lallana and Sterling? 
- Does Sturridge need a strike partner? 
- Are Liverpool’s chances of finishing top 4 over? 
- Was bringing Gerrard on the right move by Brendan, would Balotelli been a better option? 
- Does Brendan start Stevie when he’s eligible to play again this season? 

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show

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