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January 31, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show Episode 16 - Post match call in after the West Ham win. The panel Gags Tandon and Ryan McTrippy answer questions on:

- Sturridge's fitness
- Formations best suited to Liverpool?
- Is Brendan's job safe if we finish 4th?
- Which players does Brendan drop to facilitate Sturridge and Gerrard

All this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!
January 29, 2015  
The writers are back as host Nick (@Nick_Truss) is once again joined by Zak (@ZakForster_AI), Neil (Neil1980) and Krish (@Krishaldo21) for the first of a series of Squad Reviews. 

In this episode the lads discuss the potential and hopeful return of Daniel Sturridge, whilst choosing Liverpool Football Clubs current best starting XI, who makes the cut? All this and more... It's the #AIWriters Podcast
January 29, 2015  
Michael von Herff is back to host the Canadian Edition of the AI Podcast with regular win men Joey Johnson, Matt Chiasson and debutant Hersi Hujaleh. 

The Canadian Reds discuss the season and whether we're at a turning point or just more of the same. They talk about Sakho, Balotelli, Rodgers... all this and more it's the Canadian AI Podcast!
January 28, 2015  

It's Episode 60 of the Anfield Index Podcast and Gags Tandon is once again hosting the show. The esteemed guests this week were Dave Hendrick, Jan Gorski-Mescir and Simon Brundish!

They discuss the Chelsea game in detail as well as talking about Rodgers, the signings, Mario Balotelli and a lot, lot more! It's The Anfield Index Podcast!
January 27, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show Episode 15 - On this show after the Capital One Cup defeat against Chelsea the callers ask the panelists Gags Tandon and James Owens questions.

The questions were: 

- Brendan Rodgers; questionable substitutions?
- What do LFC have to look forward too now? 
- Will we spend money on a striker in the window?
- Finally... is Henderson the right choice for captaincy next season after Gerrard leaves? 

The panel also discuss the referee's performance and Mignolet’s impressive display... all this and more it's The Nina Kauser Show.

January 25, 2015  
Welcome to another episode of the AnfieldIndex Quiz Show hosted by Ryan McTrippy.

If you've been listening to all the different podcasts we have been bringing to you we have combined them all and made Podcast teams.

The teams will battle it out to become the Anfield Index Quiz champions!

Episode five is all about Group A with the original Anfield Index Podcast, The Liverbirds, Australian Podcast and New Zealand Podcast!!

The fixtures are:

The Liverbirds (Kosha Vyas) Vs New Zealand AI Podcast (Andrew McGoff)
The AI Podcast (Dave Hendrick) Vs Australian AIPodcast (John Theodoulou)

Plenty of banter and some good trivia on the Anfield Index Quiz Show!

You can find the Podcasts involved and the full draw here: AI Quiz Show Draw
January 23, 2015  
The Liverbirds are back after a long break and with a new host! Gae will now co-host the show alongside Rae! This week Gae has invited on regulars Nina Kauser and Carly Murray as well as debutant Jason Roberts.

They discuss the following:

- Aston Villa win
- Chelsea Draw
- Liverpool's current form
- Has Brendan Rodgers turned it around?
- Do you see an improvement in Simon Mignolet in the last few weeks?
- Where does Mario Balotelli fit into this squad?
- Do you think we will make any transfers and what is the key position?

All this and more it's the Liverbirds Podcast!
January 22, 2015  

It's Episode 59 of the Anfield Index Podcast! Gags Tandon hosts and he is joined by Dave Hendrick and Marco Lopes. They briefly talk about the Premier League victory over Aston Villa and the draw at Anfield against Chelsea in the Semi Final 1st leg of the Capital One Cup.

The three of them then answer questions sent in via listeners on Twitter ranging from the whether we stick to the 3-4-3 formation to the manager situation! The guys pick their all time LFC team and Dave has a go at his all time eleven. 
All this and more... It's The Anfield Index Podcast!
January 22, 2015  
With: Bob Pearce, Daniel Rhodes, Mihail Vladimirov and Sébastien Chapuis.


Both teams' starting approaches; LFC's  balanced strategy, which was great to nullify CFC's threat but not so great once a goal down; CFC's approach - how they opted to defend and how this impacted their approach; What happened at 1-0 - LFC's pretty passing but little penetration; CFC gradually seize control. Opening ten minutes of the 2nd half largely the same as in 1st half; LFC gathering pace and attacking momentum with a quicker tempo, more pressing and how this affected CFC and enabled LFC to pin them back; LFC's attacking struggles; CFC's problems in possession and defending; Both teams tiring in last 20' and both managers' lack of changes; LFC unable to keep up the momentum which got CFC off the hook; both managers' lack of changes which eventually suited CFC.
January 20, 2015  
The Nina Kauser Show Episode 14 - Post Match call in for the Capital One Cup Semi Final where Liverpool drew with Chelsea.

The panel consisting of Sachin Nakrani and Krish answer caller questions on Lucas, Carragher’s comment on Emre Can's defensive display, Henderson being in Gerrard’s shadow and how do we play the second leg? There's also a special appearance by Gags Tandon in the second half to discuss Markovic and Coutinho's performances this season.

All this and more on the Nina Kauser Show!

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