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October 31, 2014  
Welcome to the sixth episode of the Red Room with Jay Riley and Graeme Kelly. This week the lads have actor and Liverpool fan Danny Miller, best known for playing Aaron on Emerdale, on the show.

They discuss a variety of topics including how Danny became a Liverpool fan, what it's like being a supporter on the sets of Emerdale, the last gasp win against Swansea and the upcoming Newcastle game.

All this and more it's the Red Room Podcast!
October 30, 2014  
The Tomkins Times are back with their fortnightly Tactics Special! This week Bob Pearce hosts regulars Mihail Vladimirov and Daniel Rhodes with special guest Sami Faizullah.

The topics they cover are as follows:

- Balotelli: does he cause any problems? The need for complimentary movement and midfield runners, as well a second striker, to get the best out of him. 

- Gerrard: can we minimise the defensive weaknesses anymore? Do we have any options to replace him? What type of matches should he be selected in? 

- Defence: the importance of the correct system. The need for a set piece specialist coach. 

- Conclusion: You'll have to listen in to hear it!

All this and more it's the Tomkins Times Tactics Podcast!
October 28, 2014  
The Main Show is back again! The Anfield Index Podcast is back with the original three John Ritchie, Dave Hendrick and Gags Tandon. They're joined by the host of the Champions League Preview Podcast Marco Lopes.

The panel discuss Steve Bruce and then the team that beat Hull City - was it right team, wrong shape?

There was also a large debate on supporting the team but at the same time being able to criticise decisions from the manager.

There are some clear-cut chance stats as well as some brief Pressing stats this week.

All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!

October 27, 2014  
It's Matchday 10 as Liverpool travel to Newcastle. After the disappointing draw at home to Hull City, Liverpool will be wanting to bounce back with a win in Tyneside however Newcastle have won back to back games themselves and picked up 3 impressive points at White Hart Lane.

Jim Fishlock hosts Hari Sethi and Newcastle supporter Jake Jackman.

They cover the following:

- Liverpool's form: It's like we are suffering an identity crisis! Why?
- Brendan's inability to replace or rotate Steven Gerrard, is he storing up trouble for himself?
- Newcastle's slow start, is it down to Pardew or is it a case of buy mediocre players and you get mediocre results?
- Lack of goals? Both teams are struggling to score, why?
- Liverpool's home form we have already dropped 7 points at home this season, when last season we only dropped 8 all season

All this and more on the AnfieldIndex Premier League Preview Podcast!
October 26, 2014  
The Liverbirds are back after a long break with Kosha taking the hosting reigns again as well as co-host and regular Rae. However they have some new voices with Laura and Gae making their Liverbirds debuts!

The ladies discuss the Hull game, which season ticket holder Gae attended, and then they move onto the main topic of Mario Balotelli. Finally they also discuss the goalkeeping issue at Liverpool!

All this and more it's the Liverbirds Podcast!
October 24, 2014  
Jan Gorski-Mescir is back on his own for this second instalment of Jumpers for Goalposts with excellent guests; Mark Moraghan (actor) and Tony Evans (Football Editor of The Times).

They discuss the current happenings at Liverpool FC and go over the fall out from recent results.

All this and more.. It's the Jumpers For Goalposts podcast on!
October 23, 2014  
The Red Room Podcast is back with their fifth episode of the week. This week Graeme Kelly and Jay Riley have Chris Bascombe from the Daily Telegraph on the show to discuss all things Liverpool!

They discuss the depressing performance against Real Madrid where Liverpool lost 3-0 at Anfield and also cover many other topics including FSG, Balotelli and Raheem Sterling.

They also briefly preview the Hull City game this week.

All this and more it's the Red Room Podcast!
October 22, 2014  
It's Matchday 9 as Liverpool face Hull City at home. With back to back wins in the Premier League Liverpool have the chance to make it three in a row and really bounce back from a poor start to the season! Hull City will have other ideas after a good start to the season with Steve Bruce making some astute signings. Hull City managed to grab a draw at the Emirates in their last game!

Jim Fishlock hosts Liverpool fan fanzine/website writer Jeff Goulding and Hull City supporter Tom Johnson

They cover the following:

- Hull City and their solid start once more, does Steve Bruce get the credit he deserves? 

- Liverpool's problems in attack and defence seem to be getting worse! Why?

- Andrew Robertson looks another great signing. How does Steve Bruce keep plucking these players out of almost thin air? Good scouting?

- No Daniel Sturridge again, how can 1 man have such an effect on a side? Is that poor management? 

- The lads pick their sides for the game, talk tactics and favourite memories.

All this and more on the AnfieldIndex Premier League Preview Podcast!
October 21, 2014  
Hosted by Bob Pearce with Paul Tomkins, Chris Rowland and Dan Rhodes.

They discuss a variety of topics: 

  • Hodgson and Sterling: science, trust and lies.
  • Balotelli: who is to blame, what's his style and how much is he disrupting the team.
  • Defence: no leader, basic schoolboy errors, and a system that ruins centre-back. 
  • Real Madrid: will be an open game, with the crowd and players up for occasion. Prediction: 100% not a 0-0.
All this and more it's the Tomkins Times Podcast!
October 20, 2014  
The Anfield Index Podcast is back along with it's host John Ritchie! He's flanked as usual by Gags Tandon (and his pressing stats from the QPR game) along with special guests Chris Pajak and Paul Machin from the RedMenTV website!

They discuss Liverpool's last ditch and lucky win at QPR in depth whilst having some fun. Gerrard in the number 10, Balotelli and Sterling all discussed!

A few predictions for the Real Madrid game as well as Chris and Paul giving an overview of their work on the RedMen TV Channel!

All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!

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