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June 29, 2014  
The Anfield Index Podcast continues to churn out diverse content and this time we are proud to present the first ever Liverbirds Podcast!

AnfieldIndex Podcast regular Kosha kicks off the show by banishing the regular guys and has bought along the ladies!

Rae, Kosha, Enzo and Nina talk about how they became Liverpool FC supporters, review the 2013/14 season, talk about the Suarez situation and Adam Lallana's proposed signing!

All this and more, it's the Liverbirds Podcast!
June 28, 2014  

With Adam Lallana on the verge of joining Liverpool Football Club the original Anfield Index Podcast crew, John Ritchie, Dave Hendrick and Gags Tandon, re-unite to analyse the signing. They also touch upon the Luis Suarez situation briefly!

All this and more, it's the Anfield Index Podcast!

June 26, 2014  
Welcome to the first ever International Anfield Index Podcast: SOUTH AFRICA.

This podcast will be a first in a series over the summer where gives an opportunity to International Liverpool FC supporters to share their experiences of supporting Liverpool from a distance and their opinions on current events revolving around Liverpool FC and their players. Here's what you can look forward to in this edition:

Host: Lloyd Hicks
Guests: Ivan Ohlson de Fine, Mike Krogh, Brent Venter & Kaylon Karrim 
  • Discussion points:
- How they found the club (origin story; how you started supporting LFC)?
- Best LFC moment (favorite player, match/ result, experience etc)?
  • Supporting LFC in South Africa
- What it's like being a foreign based or South African based supporter?
- How does supporting LFC affect your life? Do you find yourself arranging things around LFC games etc? 
  • Review of last season (2013/14 season) 
  • Preview of the upcoming season (2014/15 season) 
  • Luis Suarez Controversy
All this and more! It's the Anfield Index Podcast!
June 25, 2014  
On this week's Anfield Index Podcast we have a special host in Kosha Vyas who's stepping in for the absent John Ritchie. Dave Hendrick returns from holiday and they're joined by Jay Riley and Gags Tandon.

England's dismal performance at the World Cup is discussed; the reasons behind it including Gerrard and Roy Hodgson. The team go through their best players at the tournament and also the teams they wish to win it.
On Liverpool FC there's discussion on the raise in ticket prices with focus on the business side and the supporters view too.
Finally the man being talked about around the world is discussed and the team get stuck into a discussion about Luis Suarez and what his latest bite incident means for his future at Liverpool FC.
All this and more, it's the Anfield Index Podcast!
June 9, 2014  

This week on the Anfield Index Podcast Gags Tandon hosts in the absence of John Ritchie with guests Jan Gorski-Mesci, Brian Durand and special guest, Football Editor of the Times, Tony Evans discussing transfers from the past and present!

The guys talk about the following topics:
  • Difference from the old days of no transfer windows to now
  • In their view the the worst transfer dealings by Liverpool FC
  • In their view the best transfers at Liverpool
  • Effect of social media on the transfer window 
All this and more! It's the Anfield Index Podcast!
June 3, 2014  
This week on the Anfield Index Podcast we have the guys becoming the Transfer Committee - using budgets, scouting, statistics - the works on finalising a Plan A and Plan B for the summer transfers.
Host John Ritchie becomes John Henry, Jim Fishlock is Brendan Rodgers, Mark Simpson is Head of Scouting and Dan Kennett is Head of Analysis.
Listen is as the guys go through each target and talk about which players they'd let go. The have to stick the budget and FFP regulations as they try to stick to the guidelines and realistically go through the targets for the Summer!
All this and more... It's the Anfield Index Podcast!


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