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May 27, 2014  
This week on the show we have special guest Paul Dalglish joined by Fydsy, Brian Durand and host John Ritchie. They cover the massive news that Brendan Rodgers has signed a new long-term contract at Liverpool FC and also talk about their memories and experiences of great European nights for Liverpool.

Paul Dalglish also talks about the feeling of being a player in the transfer window whilst being linked to other clubs and what it's like to move on the deadline day.
All this and more it's the Anfield Index Podcast!
May 21, 2014  
This week the writers from the website finally join us on the Podcast to discuss the the season and their favourite moments. Host John Ritchie and Gags Tandon are joined by Ryan McTernan, Zak Forster and Danish TV sensation Nick Truss!

Each guest is questioned after their review of the season to get the discussion going and everyone picks their player of the year - some don't choose Suarez! There's also some Suarez and Sturridge stats that were quite surprising!

All this and more... it's the Anfield Index Podcast!
May 12, 2014  
The season ends with Liverpool FC finishing in the runners up spot in the Premier League. Whilst it may be upsetting for fans to come so close the season should be celebrated.

For the first time ever The Anfield Index Podcast has just three guys in the hot seats: host John Ritchie, Dave Hendrick and Gags Tandon.
They discuss the event at King Harry's bar in Liverpool, the match and what Liverpool may need to do to continue to challenge for the title or remain in the Champions League positions next season. We talk transfers and Gags compares the stats between Lallana and Sterling!
Dave is back with Bellend of the Week also.... all this and more... It's the Anfield Index Podcast.
May 8, 2014  
More disappointment for Liverpool as they squander a 3 goal lead at Crystal Palace to leave their title hopes hanging by a thread. This week there was a sense of perspective on the AIPodcast - John Ritchie hosted the show with guests Sachin Nakrani, Marco Lopes & Gags Tandon.

No stats on this week's show as we reflected on the great season and how it should be celebrated and not have any negativeness against it. Discussion on the game, the season, Brendan Rodgers, Jordan Henderson's absence....

... all this and more, it's The Anfield Index Podcast.
May 5, 2014  
Full audio commentary from Liverpool supporters James Owens (@_Maleven) and Simon Furnivall (@SFurnivall) who also analysed the major incidents as they happened in the heartbreaking draw with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

Pre-match show, half time analysis and full time show also included which were hosted by Gags Tandon (@AnfieldIndex)

A brand new feature bought to you by the Anfield Index Team that we hope to continue if you could leave some feedback it would be appreciated!

If you're fed up of listening to the TV commentators - give us a chance and feedback how you'd like us to improve!


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